Leading the Way in Armor Innovation with NIJ Certified Superior Ballistic Ceramics

At Nurol Teknoloji, we're revolutionizing safety and security through unparalleled innovation.

Our unique, in-house ceramic manufacturing process, including the production of Boron Carbide (B₄C), sets us apart, defining a new standard in the industry. Having produced millions of armor plates, our product range spans personal protection to structural ballistic protection solutions, covering all the safety needs of security forces with hard plates, soft armor, composite armor, and military vehicle armor.

Our state-of-the-art, accredited labs expertly assess a myriad of ballistic threats, guaranteeing unmatched resilience. With our leading-edge numerical models simulating impact phenomena, we're not just delivering products - we're redefining the future of defense technology with our combat proven advanced ballistic ceramics.

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Every ‘good’ deserves better, we strive to achieve the best.

It’s all about threats. The world has always been facing variety of conflicts. As the fact of never ending evolution in societies in terms of cultural and demographic differenciations is always there, the conflicts or to clarify, threats will be evolving too.

This is not only about military threats but also the ones that arise with changing lifestyles. Now we need even more advanced medical solutions, manufacturing techniques in various industries, more sustainable products and production methods to protect our future.

That’s why we are committed to build an ecosystem in which Nurol Teknoloji is becoming an innovative center of protection.

Selim Baybas

CEO & Board Member

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Introduction Video


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