Dear Stakeholders,

As we complete the first half of 2024, we continue to identify new products for the international market as well as in Türkiye, and develop important projects to implement personnel ballistic protective products and armor solutions for land and sea vehicles.

Our Nurol Technology USA company in the United States has started to send our personal protective products to active end users, especially in the American market. It is a great pride for our country and our company that our products are highly appreciated by those concerned.

With our other company, NT Germany-IKH in Germany, we continue to progress on our road map with our advanced technical ballistic ceramics production and develop new products at great speed.

Besides that, we have delivered and continue to deliver a large number of different ballistic protection needs of our security forces within Türkiye. In recent months, we have secured tenders for the ballistic protection needs of our police forces and armed forces. We continue to export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries at great speed. To date, we have been developing new solutions to protect those in need all over the world against evolving and increasing threats.

While our vehicle platform armor systems production activities continue intensively in our Kahramankazan facility, we also deliver vehicle armor panels with different ballistic protection levels to the important tracked and wheeled military vehicle manufacturers in our country within the required periods. We continue to work hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the survival of our country and the peace of the whole world.

In addition, I would like to share with you the information about a certificate we received after successfully passing the necessary tests last month, which makes our company proud; Our chest plate solutions at many different threat levels were certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the US Department of Justice with product documentation, accredited laboratory tests and complementary evaluations and were included in the CPL (Certified Product List). This success reflects a competence that is unique to Türkiye and few companies in non-US countries, and once again proves Nurol Teknoloji's global leadership, R&D and product competence, and high quality standards.

As I conclude my article in this issue; I would like to inform you that as the world's lightest armor solutions supplier and ballistic ceramics manufacturer, we will be participating at the MSPO Fair to be held in Poland in September and the SOFEX fair to be held in Jordan with our booths.

I invite our precious stakeholders, to these two exhibitions and wish you all a pleasant reading in this issue.

Best regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ  CEO – Board Member

We Are Taking Strong Steps In The USA With Our NT Armor & NT Cera Brands

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In line with Nurol Teknoloji's strategic growth plan, our company is taking strong steps around the world. As of 2024, Nurol Technology USA continues to grow by further strengthening its presence in the US market.

In a short time, we worked intensively to create awareness, trust and credibility in the new and competitive US market. We positioned our two brands, NT Armor and NT Cera, as “solution partners” with a unique model in the US market. Our solution partnership approach means that we not only provide products to our customers, but also offer them solutions and values ​​for today's and tomorrow's needs. This sincere and solution-oriented approach continues to strengthen the trust between us and our customers and enable us to establish long-term collaborations.

Our high-value ballistic protection and advanced ceramic products, which we offer under the brands NT Armor and NT Cera, have been highly appreciated by our customers. Our vertical integration, strengthened by the IKH acquisition, reinforces our unique position in the industry. This model best responds to the special demands and high quality standards of our customers by revealing our speed and capacity advantages. Our R&D, production and human resources power stand out as the most important factors that make a difference in the US market.

Our US expansion is not only limited to this market, but also offers great opportunities and environment to integrate into the global operations of US-based companies. The experiences we gain in the USA also help us strengthen our strategies for other global markets.

We are moving forward with the aim of making a long-term difference in the US market with our NT Armor and NT Cera brands. The strategic approach, effective planning, successful applications and achieved results in the process of opening up to the US market are indicators of the importance and determination Nurol Teknoloji attaches to its global growth targets. The trust relationship we have built with our customers, the high added value we offer and the products we develop at superior standards bring us closer to our strategic goals.

Kind regards.

Osman GÖZET / NT USA Country Manager
Kemal Cihanşah DUMLU / Sales&Marketing Assistant Specialist

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Strategic Planning and Cost Effective Solutions in our Purchasing Department

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The year 2024 has been a period full of productivity for purchasing unit of Nurol Teknoloji. During the first six months, we made significant contributions to the production line by completing urgent orders without any problems. These achievements were made possible through the effective management of the supply chain and the outstanding efforts of our team. In particular, our timely and complete deliveries ensured that production processes continued without interruption and increased our customer satisfaction.

In the first half of 2024, we took many innovative steps to increase efficiency in our company's procurement processes and make operations smoother. By strengthening our supplier relationships, we found cost-effective solutions and thus achieved significant savings in terms of both time and cost. Our success during this period once again highlighted the importance of selecting the right supplier and strategic planning.

Our goals for the upcoming period include reducing costs as much as possible and further improving the quality of the products we purchase. In this regard, we plan to further improve our supply chain management even further and create more efficient and cost-effective processes. We have entered an intensive preparation process for future projects and we are already making plans for the successful completion of these projects.

As purchasing unit of Nurol Teknoloji, we aim to contribute to the overall goals of our company by working with the same perseverance and determination in the remainder of 2024. With our innovative solutions and strategic approach, we aim to achieve greater success both domestically and internationally.

Best regards. 

Supply Chain Department


Important Points to Consider in Defense Industry Companies' Relations with Media and Social Media

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In our multipolar world, new areas of struggle have emerged for countries, and the concept of economic security has come to the forefront among these non-military security areas. In addition to the measures taken by countries against classical threats, the ability to resist all kinds of attacks on the economic values ​​of countries from inside and outside forms the basis of economic security.

In recent years, localization and nationalization efforts and studies in the Turkish defense industry have continued with extraordinary momentum. These products are created with years of effort and dedication. Considering that our defense industry is also a part of our National Security; defense industry companies must pay at least as much attention to information security and Counter-Intelligence (Counter-Intelligence) measures as the state institutions that ensure our National Security.

In this context, considering that 80 percent of the intelligence carried out in the worldwide is obtained from open sources such as social media, written and visual media, websites, etc., it is important that all kinds of information and visuals shared on such platforms are planned very carefully and transferred to the relevant environment.
For this reason, defense industry companies must comply with the criteria and conditions determined in the defense industry security legislation in their printed and visual media and social media relations.

Social media posts and comments should not include general information rather than specific information that would make our company a target of counterintelligence organizations and terrorist organizations. A simple example of this is that sharing images where the identities of personnel working on critical projects are readable on their badges and their faces are clearly visible could bring threats and risks. 

It should not be forgotten that there is a concept called "Technological Intelligence" in the intelligence literature. In short, "While developing their own defense industries, nations want to know and learn the technological level reached by other nations have in this field." An unfiltered sharing, evaluation, comment, etc. in our work could make our project activities a target.

Best regards.

Abdulvahap ALICI / Facility Security Coordinator

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