Dear Stakeholders,

As we reach the end of 2023, I would like to start my article by celebrating the 100th anniversary of our glorious Republic. It is my greatest wish that our beautiful country and republic, established by our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his heroic comrades with great struggles and sacrifices, shall exist forever.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we will continue to work as before to ensure the security of our country and to make our national independence even stronger, with the vision that a fully independent republic is possible with a fully independent defense industry.

In addition to the enthusiasm in our country for the Republic Day that I mentioned at the beginning of my article, I would like to share with you a very proud and happy news for our company.

As the leading advanced technical ballistic ceramics manufacturer and armor systems solutions provider of Turkey and the world, we purchased the majority shares of the German ceramic raw material manufacturer Industrie Keramik Hochrhein (IKH) last September.

I would like to state that it is a first in the sector for a completely local and national Turkish defense industry company to purchase a German company that has been producing critical technology for nearly 30 years. With this acquisition, Nurol Teknoloji not only strengthened its leadership in the field of ballistic ceramics, but also took an important step towards becoming the world's largest and best supplier of advanced technical ceramics needed by the electronics industry and other technologically critical sectors.

I hope that this initiative, which is very important for the development of the Turkish defense industry, will be for the best of our company, the Nurol Group of Companies to which we are affiliated, and our country, of which we celebrate 100th anniversary.

As we wish you, our valued stakeholders, a pleasant reading in this issue, we would invite you to our stand at the MILIPOL 2023 Fair, which will be held in Paris, France between 14-17 November.

Happy 100th Anniversary of our Republic to all of us.

Best regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ  CEO – Board Member

Production Continues Non-Stop at Nurol Teknoloji

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Nurol Teknoloji offers advanced technical ceramics and ballistic protection solutions (personnel, platform and structural) products to the security forces in Türkiye and the security forces of friendly and allied nations. The advanced technical ceramic products manufactured are used as raw materials for ballistic protection solutions. In this sense, it is one of the rare companies that produces advanced technical ceramics and ballistic protection solutions as an integrated facility and offers them to its customers.

Regarding its future plans, Nurol Teknoloji has decided to restructure in 2021 with the aim of becoming one of the world's leading companies producing ballistic solutions. With this restructuring, the following investments were made for the integration of production activities carried out in Kahramankazan and Gölbaşı campuses in Ankara.

  • Restructuring of the Gölbaşı campus as an advanced technical ceramic production line, technology investments for capacity increase and modernization of the line,
  • Restructuring of the Kahramankazan campus as ballistic protection solutions production lines, technology investments for capacity increase and modernization of the line,

(Kahramankazan)The investments planned in our Kahramankazan campus were completed in 2023. Ballistic protection solutions products are produced in 3 parallel production lines as personnel protection solutions, platform protection solutions and structural protection solutions.

The platform protection solutions line was designed and commissioned to be located in an area 10 times larger than the previous production line, so that 3 different projects can be produced at the same time to manufacture land, sea and air vehicles. With the increasing sales volumes, 3 different projects were produced at the same time and successfully shipped in 2023. After customer line inspections on land platform vehicles were completed without any problem, high volume orders have been delivered to our customers who are leading the field in Türkiye. Ballistic protection solutions shipments to national ships of Türkiye continued, as well.

The personnel protection solutions line is designed to serve for maximum capacity and flexible production approach with lean production systematics. State-of-the-art technology clean room and autoclave equipment have been installed. Flexible production performed by sharing the volumes of the personnel protection solutions lines designed in parallel with the platform protection solutions production line enabled shipments to be made on the dates that meet the expectations of the customers. Products have been shipped to the security forces in Turkey and the security forces of friendly and allied nations in 2023.

In the structural protection solutions production line, command control container and subsystems, UAV ground control station, mobile armored container, armored security cabins and patented modular blockhouse (MODKOR) products continue to be produced. Products specially designed in line with customer requirements have been delivered to our customers at the desired quality in 2023.

It is a point of pride for both our company, Nurol Holding, to which we are affiliated, and our country that among the products manufactured by our company, the personnel protection solutions, ceramic chest plates saved lives with their ballistic performance in the clash environment in the nearby geography, and that armored security cabin and visor products saved our security forces’ lives in the recent malicious attack attempt.

We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic with pride and enthusiasm. Happy anniversary to all of us. We will continue to produce the best for our country and make these products available to our country and friendly security forces.

Best regards.

Emin AKAR / Production Director


Occupational Health and Safety at Nurol Teknoloji

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As Nurol Teknoloji continues its production with the motivation of "We Protect Those Who Protect the Homeland" in all its work, it also continues to protect its own employees and achieve its goals with the right consciousness by building occupational health and safety culture. In the last quarter of 2023, we are evaluating our occupational health and safety studies that we have carried out throughout the year.

Being aware that near misses are the most important issues in preventing work accidents, we diligently follow the notifications submitted by our employees through the near miss and suggestion system and observe their awareness. Every quarter throughout the year, we forward our near-miss notifications from our employees to the action managers and manage the process to complete it in a short time.

We evaluate all our units separately with our risk assessment studies and focus on our high priority risks by trying to reduce our risk scores.

When choosing personal protective equipment for our employees, we select the right equipment for the work and the worker by carrying out studies such as foot screening tests and fit tests (respiratory protection). We strive to create a healthy and safe working environment and determine our equipment accordingly.

With the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Bulletins that we share with all our staff regularly every month, we share the details of the specified issues with our staff and consolidate our occupational safety and environmental awareness culture.

For a sustainable environment and occupational health and safety, we organize occupational health and safety trainings, on-the-job conversations, environmental consciousness trainings for our employees and actively exchange information in our field.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we approach holistically in all processes related to occupational health and safety and the environment, and we continue to perform value-added works with all our employees by the systems we have established.

Best regards.

Ayşegül Serencem GÖLCÜK / Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Chief 


Correct Strategy, Quality and Purchasing at Affordable Prices

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With the year 2023, which started with the Ukrainian war last year and took on a very dynamic structure and was intense, our first priority as the Procurement Unit was to bring the quality of externally supplied products closer to our own production quality. With the disasters, wars and economic fluctuations we have experienced in 2023, supplier development activities have become our priority. By increasing the frequency of supplier visits, we were able to speak the same language with our suppliers, explain our criteria better and raise quality levels higher. We have learned lessons from every mistake made in the past years and carried out special studies to improve both ourselves and our suppliers.

We learned from the problems we experienced, especially with the Ukrainian war last year, and worked with as many alternative suppliers as possible, and started studying with variable scenario setups for each event. We have increased the frequency of our inspections together with our quality department in order to maximize the quality of the suppliers we work with to higher levels every day. We minimized the risks with quality-related in-situ checks for materials that have the potential to cause problems.

We will work as much as possible to keep up with the mental change, not only in the field, that has occurred with the breakthroughs of our company in recent years, to improve the quality of the products we supply in line with the quality of the advanced technological products we produce, and at the same time, to integrate the mentality of our ever-growing company with our suppliers.

In these days that we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, as Atatürk, who gifted us this sacred value, said: "Work together, not for yourself, but for the nation you belong to. This is the most sublime work.” We will work not for ourselves, but for our nation.

Happy 100th Anniversary of our Republic to all of us.

Best regards.

Murat YILMAZ / Procurement Chief


Nurol Teknoloji Continues Its Leadership In The Sector

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As we approach the end of 2023, I sincerely hope that the new year, for which we have already determined the main strategies, will bring health, peace and success to all of us.

In this period that we proudly celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, which we owe to protect, as Nurol Teknoloji, we have successfully integrated NT Armor and NT Deutschland companies into our system with our vision of "Being a Global Protector".

Furthermore, by acquiring the company Industriekeramik Hochrhein (IKH), we focused on developing our technology in the field of advanced materials and technical ceramics. We have completed our vertical integration project, in which we will use ceramic powders produced with the cutting edge technology and unique formulas and processes in the industry, and we have strengthened our supply chain.

In our organization, we have successfully implemented standards such as AS9100 Quality Management System, Turquality and Authorized Economic Operator Status (YYS). We are proud to have introduced digital systems and digital product integration in our Technical Ceramics and Composite Armor Centers of Excellence that we focus in 2023. We maintain our vision of being the global leader of the industry and protecting the good ones by implementing our strategic collaborations in the areas we focus on, with our qualified teams that constantly improve and quickly adapt to change.

With the success we have achieved so far, as Nurol Technology, we continue to continuously improve our leading position in the domestic market, our product range and our wide customer portfolio. With the awareness of our experience and potential, we continue to successfully deliver our personnel and platform protection solutions to those in need with products that comply with the highest level of ballistic standards.

We have signed most of the contracts that determine our targets that we will focus for the year 2024. In this context, we further enrich our product range with our engineering-oriented projects, manage complexity effectively and increase our product diversity with a simple approach.

Within the framework of our strategic goals, we signed agreements specifically for our value-promising products for long-term projects abroad. We managed to significantly increase our defense industry exports to NATO member countries and allied regions. Our brand is constantly on the agenda on sectoral platforms and our recognition has increased, especially in Europe. These achievements enable us to gain a powerful position in the international market.

Thanks to our high-tech armor solutions capabilities, we offer the lightest and most effective protection solutions in naval platform projects and are in a preferred position in the sector as a local and national solution partner.

As a result, as Nurol Teknoloji, we demonstrate a high performance in domestic and international markets and constantly expand our product and service range. We increase our technological capabilities with our organizational structure, quality management systems and vertical integration projects and continue to be a preferred brand. We will continue to move forward by increasing our effectiveness in the sector with our high quality and innovation-oriented approach.

Best regards.

Dilem KOÇAK / Sales and Marketing Manager


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