Research Collaboration between SUNUM and Nurol Teknoloji in Ballistic Protective Products
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Nurol Teknoloji received a prestigious invitation to present their research at the renowned International Ballistic Society's (IBS) Ballistic Symposium. We see this significant invitation as an opportunity to recognize the company's expertise and contribution in ballistics science and technology on an international stage and to consolidate its position as a leader in ballistics innovation.  IBS is a respected international organization that brings together researchers and professionals contributing to the field of ballistics science and technology. The Ballistics Symposium serves as a vital platform to share the latest developments, discuss new discoveries and highlight best practices in ballistics. We are delighted to be invited to share our research.  During the symposium, we as Nurol Teknoloji will highlight its unique design and engineering approaches that have solidified its position as a pioneer in the field of ballistic solutions. Furthermore, the presentation will encompass critical studies on material characterization and production processes, which leverage state-of-the-art testing and simulation methods.  We as Nurol Teknoloji are eagerly working to prepare our research for the IBS Ballistic Symposium and look forward to sharing our knowledge with industry peers, contributing to the advancement of the field. We see this significant event as anticipated to be a milestone for the company, fostering international collaborations and scientific contributions, and providing a valuable step to shape the future development of ballistic technologies.

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