Dear Stakeholders,

We have left behind another year with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Just as we can say that another year has passed from our lives, we can also say that a new year full of hope has been added to our lives.

The year 2023 brought deep sadness to us all due to the natural disasters that occurred in our country, resulting in profound losses of lives. In addition, unfortunately, wars still continue in our neighboring regions. We hope that these wars shall end as soon as possible and permanent peace shall be achieved.

In addition to these unfortunate events we experienced, we also celebrated a momentous occasion on October 29, 2023 that we, as a nation, shall be very proud of. We all experienced the joy and pride of celebrating the 100th anniversary of our glorious Republic, founded by our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades.

At the beginning of each new year, many of us take a moment to reflect. We contemplate what we shall do and what we shall not in the upcoming year. We make some resolutions. Some of us follow through these resolutions, some of us may not.

The scenario is not much different for companies. At the beginning of each year, companies sit down to make plans for that year, outlining their sales targets and production status. They set goals for themselves. They identify new customers and markets. Some companies achieve their goals and unfortunately some fall short.

For Nurol Teknoloji, 2023 was a year that we achieved our goals and were successful. As a company, we continued to progress, innovate and produce ballistic protective systems. We delivered our ballistic ceramics, crafted with our own special recipes, and the ballistic solutions derived from these ceramics, promptly and completely to our domestic security forces and to those in need in different geographies of the world.

In the year 2023, our company executed a significant acquisition for the Turkish Defense Industry. As Turkey's and the world's leading advanced technical ballistic ceramics manufacturer and armor systems solutions provider, we acquired the majority shares of the German ceramic raw material manufacturer IndustrieKeramik Hochrhein (IKH) last September.

We would like to state that this is an unprecedented milestone in the sector for a fully local and national Turkish defense industry company to purchase a German company that has been producing critical technology for nearly 30 years. With this acquisition, Nurol Teknoloji not only strengthened its leadership in the field of ballistic ceramics, but also took a substantial step towards becoming the world's largest and best supplier of advanced technical ceramics needed by the electronics industry and other technologically critical sectors.

As I conclude in this new year edition, I hope that 2024 shall bring peace, health and harmony to all humanity, and I sincerely congratulate all our stakeholders on the new year.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we shall continue to "Protect the Good Ones" in the year 2024.

Best Regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ  CEO – Board Member

Our R&D Activities Shall Continue Uninterrupted in 2024

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Conducting focused R&D activities for numerous large-scale projects, we have successfully completed an intense year, implementing many newly developed ceramic products. We gained significant insights through the developmental activities in 2023. We managed to transform these learnings into improvements and increased efficiency in our ceramic production line.

In addition, 2023 marked a notable year for Nurol Teknoloji, as we made a significant impact in the industry through a merger. By incorporating IndustrieKeramik Hochrhein (IKH) into its structure, Nurol Teknoloji took a crucial step towards becoming a global leader in advanced technical ceramics. This strategic merger shall further strengthen the Nurol Group's presence in the defense and security sectors and consolidate its leadership in ballistic solutions equipped with superior technology.

With this merger, the R&D teams of IKH and Nurol Teknoloji diligently continue their efforts to develop new products for carbide-based ballistic ceramics, a crucial component of advanced technical ceramics that our company currently produces. As a result of these studies particularly focused on increasing the multi-shot performance of the monolithic ceramics we produce and providing thinner, lighter and more cost-effective ceramics with a more homogeneous internal structure, our goal is to introduce game-changing technologies and products in the field of personnel protection in 2024.

Considering that one of the most crucial issues influencing the protection performance of armor in the field of terminal ballistics is the internal structure properties of ceramics, we started to simulate our cold pressing process in a computer environment. Cold pressing is a flexible and relatively fast production method that allows ceramic powders to be transformed into objects of a specific shape and size. Cold press applications performed without employing a correct technical approach and process parameter selection may reduce product efficiency and quality, and even pose an obstacle to the desired product geometry. In this context, we commenced research and development activities in 2023, such as modeling ceramic cold press processes using computational mechanical methods and simulation studies for different printing conditions.

Within the scope of these studies to be carried out within the framework of the TEYDEB 1505 project, cold press material models shall be developed by R&D engineers at Nurol Teknoloji and Nurol Teknoloji shall integrate computational engineering approaches into the production line by providing inputs for ceramic production, press parameters, powder dispersion geometry and sieve production with a 3-D printer.

In 2024, we shall launch new paradigm-shifting products through the above-mentioned studies and incorporate computational engineering approaches into the process chain, significantly preventing the costs of poor quality thanks to new digital twins. In this way, we shall be able to offer higher quality and cost-effective products to our customers by increasing production efficiency. We hope that 2024 shall be a year full of innovations that bring Nurol Teknoloji one step closer to its goal of becoming a world-class company.

Best Regards.

Halim MEÇO / Advanced Technical Materials R&D Director


We Continue to Protect the World

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As Nurol Teknoloji, we are concluding an intensive year and entering 2024. 2023 was a challenging year in terms of project diversity and project schedules. We had to find fast and cost-effective solutions to varying requirements in both personal protection and platform protection. We successfully managed this challenging process and acquired a rich knowledge of lessons learned throughout the process. The increased awareness of our strengths and areas for improvement gained during his challenging experience, shall enable us to enter the future processes more prepared and assertive.

In 2023, we diligently and expeditiously worked through the product development stages for every product type in our company's portfolio. Our armor solutions for Personal Protection, including domestic and international chest plates, side plates, vests, and shield products, have successfully met customer requirements.

While continuing uninterrupted production in our land platform protection solutions, we have achieved more efficient and cost-effective production/products with our process improvements. In addition to the land platforms, we have successfully carried out our product development activities on

As the Ballistic Protection Systems Directorate, we aim to accelerate new product projects while continuing our product and process development activities without slowing down in 2024. We believe that we shall make a significant impact in our industry with the new products we shall create while making our internal R&D / P&D processes more effective. We shall continue to respond to critical ballistic protection needs and "protect the good ones" in the current climate where conflicts and tensions are on the rise.

As I conclude, we wish you, our valued stakeholders, a happy new year and hope that 2024 brings health, happiness and peace to everyone.

Best Regards.

Eralp AKGÜL / Ballistic Protection Systems Director


We Produce The World’s Ceramics. We Continue To Protect The Good Ones.

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As the Ceramic Quality Unit at Nurol Teknoloji Gölbaşı Facility, we carry out a detailed analysis and process control in our processes with the principle of ensuring that no effort is wasted in the advanced technical ballistic ceramic production line and correct production at a time. Our process starts from the moment our raw materials enter the factory and continues until our product, which shall preserve the good ones, leaves the line.

Our processes are now very dynamic! Thanks to the JARVIS software developed by our digital technologies unit, we can access data much more easily in real time. This powerful and unique platform not only accelerates our digital transformation and allows us to manage our workflows more efficiently, but also thanks to the unique features it offers, it is now much easier for us to keep the pulse of our processes. With JARVIS' instant notifications, we can intervene in problems immediately, and its superior reporting capability enables faster and more accurate analysis, allowing us to activate quality system tools more quickly.

We look forward to 2024 with the lessons we learned and the experiences we gained in 2023. We wish everyone a happy new year.


Best Regards.

Talha ÇAVDAR / Process Quality Chief

Yarengül ÇİÇEK / Process Quality Engineer

Gamze YILMAZ / Analysis Quality Engineer



High Quality Is Our Red Line

As Nurol Teknoloji, we are audited by independent auditing organizations in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard in order to ensure continuous improvement and development, increase product efficiency and manage customer requests and feedback by ensuring system efficiency and we ensure the continuity of our internationally valid standards and documents. Building upon this improvement and development, we prove that we attach importance to quality and customer satisfaction by maintaining AS/EN9100 Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Industry Organizations, TS EN ISO 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security and Management System certificates. Furthermore, we have started preparations for the AQAP 2110 NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production standard in order to fulfill the quality requirements in our projects with International NATO Countries.

Best Regards.

Hatice KILIÇ YILDIZ / Quality Management Systems Leader


We Constantly Perform Tests For The Best

Gölbaşı and the recently commissioned Kahramankazan Ballistic Test Laboratories within Nurol Teknoloji continue their ballistic testing activities in many areas, ranging from personnel protection solutions to platform solutions. As of 2023, it has been accredited and started its activities by quickly obtaining domestic and international equivalences, with the sensitivity and awareness of life protection, by prioritizing human health and life safety, in its new and modern facility built in the Kahramankazan facility . With the ergonomic design of the laboratories, the testing capacity has increased and with the integration of new modern systems, the requirements of the ballistic testing standards accepted by the world defense industry have been fully met, and by simulating field conditions with the correlations carried out within the laboratories, product tests that provide ballistic protection have started to be carried out with high level of reliability.

Best Regards.

Uğur Fırat SOYLU / Ballistic Test Laboratory Chief


Our Ceramic Production Continues With High Efficiency

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As the first of our beautiful country and the world's leading advanced technical ceramics manufacturer, we have successfully completed many projects in 2023. On the occasion of this bulletin, I would like to express special thanks to my ceramic production team for their outstanding efforts. Thanks to the support of our top executives as well, we overcame the difficulties we encountered one by one and we were able to achieve high efficiency values.

Throughout this year, we formed CFTs and held weekly routine meetings with our R&D and Quality teams to solve our problems. In these meetings, we evaluated our production parameters one by one. We quickly implemented the identified actions. As we achieved positive results, we revised our procedures and instructions and made them widespread in the factory. By improving our tracking system, we managed to stabilize our production efficiency trend at high values.

We dedicated extensive efforts to our digitalization studies in production, and together with our digitalization unit, we carried out the preliminary tests of the system named 'JARVIS' and brought it to a state ready to go live. By providing the necessary production infrastructure for the system, we aim to switch to completely digital tracking in production in the first quarter of 2024.

As a ceramic production unit, one of our key focus areas in the new year shall be to reduce our wastage rates by closely monitoring them and reduce our poor quality costs. Given the economic conditions of our country, it has become imperative for both individuals and society to avoid all kinds of waste and excess. With the A3 analysis system we have put into operation, we shall evaluate the problems we face comprehensively, find their root causes and prevent their recurrence.

With our belief in the need for continuous training, we shall continue our monthly trainings, which we initiated in the last quarter of 2023 in order to enhance the competence development of our operators, in 2024 without slowing down.

In 2024, with the investments we have made and continue to make, we shall not only increase our capacities to the next level but also take firm steps towards becoming a global company.

Best Regards.

Murat ALGÜN / Ceramic Production Manager


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