NUROL TEKNOLOJI and SCOPA collaborated to develop new business areas
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Nurol Teknoloji, which has extensive experience in the production and sales of various ceramic and composite defense products, including but not limited to, advanced technical ceramics, ballistic protective products, hard armor plates, ballistic protective vests, shields, security cabins, tiles for armoring of land vehicles, airplanes and marine vehicles, etc., not just in Turkey, but all around the world, and SCOPA Defense Trading company, which provides state-of-the-art defense solutions to the army and internal security forces in order to modernize the armed forces of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed a mutual Memorandum of Understanding on 31.07.2023 in order to develop new business areas by combining their experiences and competencies in their respective fields.

At the ceremony held at Nurol Teknoloji Ankara/Gölbaşı Facility, CEO and Member of the Board Mr. Selim Baybaş representing Nurol Teknoloji company, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Fawaz Alaqeel representing SCOPA company were signed the MoU.

In accordance with the signed memorandum of understanding; In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in the field of defense industry and to develop new business areas related to ceramic and composite ballistic protective products, it was agreed to carry out business development and cooperation studies.

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