Dear Stakeholders

As we are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2024, it has been a busy first 4 months for us with our sales, deliveries we have committed to and participation in fairs at home and abroad.

During this first quarter of the year, we continue to identify new products for the international market as well as in Turkey, and develop important projects to implement personal ballistic protective products and armor solutions with high protection levels for land and sea vehicles. While carrying out these projects, we are also making new investments to increase our capacity.
We would like to produce more added value in every field needed both at home and abroad. We export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. We continue to develop new solutions to protect people in need worldwide against evolving and increasing threats.

We made a rapid start to 2024 with the activities of our companies abroad. Our company Nurol Technology USA, which we established in the USA at the end of 2022, is actively engaged in numerous projects at great speed, particularly in the American market, together with the important players of our industry worldwide. We are rapidly advancing on our road map in the advanced technical ceramics and armor solutions market with NT Germany-IKH, another company that we established in Germany last year.

In this context, we worked together with IKH on a special recipe suitable for spray dryers for our ready-to-press SiC powder, which Nurol Teknoloji has developed and has been producing for years with its own recipe and know-how. We also made this powder ready for mass production, which we commissioned with minimal changes to the main recipe, with IKH's own SiC recipes.

Furthermore, we are preparing to introduce IKH RTP 60/40 SiC-B4C products into the market by positioning them as a "Premium" top segment ceramic product under the Nurol Teknoloji and IKH brand. With this product, we will create an alternative product that is lighter and has higher ballistic performance than our flagship RB-B4C product, which we produce using the reaction bonding method.

Our 60/40 SiC-B4C powder, as the name suggests, consists of 60% SiC and 40% B4C by weight and is produced using specially designed grinders and spray-dryers within IKH. Our 60/40 SiC-B4C product will fill a gap in the world with its ballistic performance and multi-shot resistance thanks to its specially designed microstructure to slow down crack propagation.

As I mentioned earlier, we attended in two important fairs for our industry at the very beginning of 2024. The first was the World Defense Show 2024 organization, held in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of February which is one of the prominent fairs of the Middle East region. The other one was the Enforce Tac 2024 Fair, was held in Germany which is one of the significant fairs in Europe. We participated at both fairs held on two different continents with our stands. We introduced our ballistic protective products, which received great appreciation from our end users from different countries.

As I conclude my article in this bulletin, I extend my warmest wishes for the Ramadan Feast of the islamic world, especially our country, hoping that the Eid brings peace and tranquility to the whole world.

Best Regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ  CEO – Board Member

Nurol Teknoloji, World Leader in Ballistic Protection Solutions

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We have left the first quarter of 2024 behind.

With the acquisition of the German company Industrie Keramik Hochrhein, Nurol Teknoloji is moving step by step towards its goal of becoming the world's advanced technical ballistic ceramics giant. This strategic partnership strengthens our position as a key player in the global advanced technical ceramics industry.

Additionally, as known, our main products include advanced armor solutions for personal protection and various platform protection. Over the years, our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us one of the largest armor suppliers not only in Turkey but also in NATO countries. To date, our products have been tested and proven in many real conflict environments in various regions of the world.

Nurol Teknoloji expands its capacities both in quality and quantity for the growing market in both personnel and platform protection.  We continue to invest in high-temperature sintering furnaces to increase our direct sintered silicon carbide and boron carbide capacities to meet the growing demand for the lightest body protection and vehicle protection solutions worldwide. With the increase in our capacity and with acquisition of IKH, we are ready to offer innovative solutions on an even larger scale to meet the changing and developing needs of our customers around the world. We can quickly respond to our customers' needs with our ballistic analysis and simulation infrastructure, which is unique in the world. Our greatest motivation is to continue to protect the good while working to achieve our goals of innovation, excellence, sustainability, growth and being the best in the world in our field.

To achieve our goals, we are digitalizing our ceramic and composite centers of excellence and working in smart factories. The instant traceability of our production facilities and the ability to quickly detect and solve problems support us in achieving our goals while increasing our efficiency.

In addition, as a technology company, we are working hard to develop further in advanced technological materials and to offer our products beyond ballistic ceramics to sectors that require high technology and precision such as aviation, automotive, electronics, optics and medicine.

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing our operational efficiency and effectiveness, we've placed a strong emphasis on improving our processes. As part of this endeavor, we're proud to announce that we've achieved several important certifications in this quarter.

Firstly, we were honored to receive the TURQUALITY program certification. This program, established as the first and only state-supported branding initiative, is dedicated to enhancing the reputation and recognition of Turkish goods in international markets. It signifies our dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and excellence in our products.

Additionally, we obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, a significant recognition granted to companies that consistently and accurately fulfill their customs obligations. This certification underscores our reliability and compliance in international trade, facilitating smoother and more efficient customs procedures.

Moreover, we successfully attained the AQAP 2110 NATO Design, Development, and Production Quality Assurance Requirements standard certificate. This certification is particularly noteworthy as it demonstrates our commitment to meeting rigorous quality assurance standards, especially in defense-related production, further strengthening our credibility and trustworthiness in this sector.

Furthermore, our efforts in fostering innovation and driving export growth were recognized when we secured the 2nd prize in the Innovation Results category at the İnovaLig competition organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly during Turkey Innovation Week. This achievement not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also underscores our success in expanding our global footprint and contributing to the competitiveness of Turkish exports.

Overall, these accomplishments serve as a testament to our continuous improvement efforts and reaffirm our position as a leading player in the industry, committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Best regards.

Serpil GÖNENÇ DİNÇER / Commercial Deputy General Manager


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Our Values at Nurol Teknoloji

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We would like to begin this month's bulletin by focusing on our values. Values ensure harmony and unity. Thus, common goals are achieved quickly and effectively. The strength of a community is measured by the commitment of the individuals who make up that community to the common values they share. From this perspective, at Nurol Teknoloji, we strongly believe in the importance of reflecting the values that form the foundation of our culture in our behaviors, and we base the foundation of our culture on our values of Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, Reliability, Sustainability, People Focus, Development and Customer Focus.

Driven by the importance we attach to our values, we came together with all our colleagues both to make an enthusiastic start to 2024 together, and to discuss and internalize our values and behaviors that shape the way our Company operates, along with our clear and indisputable principles in this regard. On this special day, which began with the opening speech of our CEO Selim Baybaş, who guides and leads us regarding our values and behaviors, we listened to the Values Day presentation by our Human Resources and Corporate Development Manager Kübra Yıkılmaz Yanar.

Considering that our values bring together a community that finds a common ground, we both had fun and gained awareness with the musical business show "The Rhythm of Life!" was held under the leadership of Mehmet Auf. We came together with our colleagues from different units in our open session to listen to our values from the perspective of our employees.

In short, we once again learned that for a strong organizational culture to be created, values must be shared and lived by everyone.

We would like to thank everyone who shares our values and share our common ground, and we wish for a year that we can achieve our common goals quickly and effectively in line with our values.

Best regards,

Pınar KUMRU GÖREN / Human Resources Specialist


We Aim to Become a Global Brand in Ballistic Protection Solutions

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Following the success we had last year, as Nurol Teknoloji, we continue to work without slowing down in 2024. As the Personnel Armor Solutions Research & Development department, it is extremely gratifying for us to see the results of our work last year by adding new products to our portfolio and undertaking new projects.

Within the scope of the activities of our NT Armor company in America, we have obtained NIJ certification for five different products for different threat levels by designing products in line with new customer demands. In addition, we have obtained VPAM certification with our products designed to be used in projects in Germany.

As the usage areas of our products and customer requirements diversify, as the Research & Development department, we continue to make our products even more unique by rapidly adapting ourselves to new demands. Likewise, in order to improve the ballistic shields actively used by our law enforcement forces in the field and to increase their durability against external factors, we develop products that fully meet the requirements, in cooperation with our customers.

We have integrated Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) processes into our design processes in order to develop our new solutions and to meet the demands of existing solutions in a lighter structure. In this way, we have accelerated our design processes with results that are optimized and based on metric values. In real-fire tests of these experimental designs, we capture images with a high speed camera and examine the deformations resulting from the bullets hitting the ceramics we developed.

Due to the increase in lead times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we have added equivalent products to our information base by conducting resistance tests of new ballistic products we procured both domestically and abroad. In this way, we have also made preliminary preparations for global problems that may arise in the future.

Every new day, with the joy of learning something new, we continue to design and produce the best for you with our innovative ideas and passion. Don't forget to follow us.

Best regards.

Burak MERT/ Personal Armor Solutions R&D Manager


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