Dear Stakeholders, 

As we conclude the first half of 2023, we continue to branding, allocating resources to Research Development and making investments at the most advanced technological level in our sector. We continue to develop important projects for the identification of new products for the international market as well as for Turkey, personal ballistic protective products, and the implementation of armor solutions with high level of international protection for land and sea vehicles. 

In this context; we have delivered and continue to deliver a substantial number of different ballistic protective requirements of our security forces. We would like to generate more added value in every field that is needed. We export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. To date, we continue to develop new solutions and protect the good ones in order to protect the needy all over the world against the developing and ever increasing threats. 

Within the scope of our investment activity in our Nurol Teknoloji Kahramankazan Factory, in the last months, we have commissioned our new generation personnel protection and chestplate production line, which is free from non-value-added works, and whose entire production flow and activity is planned. Nurol Teknoloji Kahramankazan Factory campus has completed another important step in becoming a production center for composite and ballistic solutions, vehicle platform ballistic solutions, personnel protection ballistic solutions and structural armor ballistic solutions.

While our production activities for vehicle platform armor systems continue intensively at our Kahramankazan campus, we also deliver vehicle armor panels with different ballistic protection levels to important tracked and wheeled military vehicle manufacturers of our country, within the desired timeframes. 

As I conclude my article in this issue; as the world's lightest armor solutions supplier and ballistic ceramic manufacturer, we demonstrated our goal of becoming a global company in our field to our domestic and foreign stakeholders at the IDEF'23 Fair, which we attended in Istanbul in July, at our large stand where we had the opportunity to exhibit all of our new products.

We are quite proud of receiving great admiration and appreciation from all our visitors at IDEF Exhibition. 

On this occasion, we would like to thank all government institutions and the fair organization company for their contributions to the organization of IDEF International Defense Industry Fair. 

Best Regards. 

Selim BAYBAŞ  CEO – Board Member

Nurol Technology USA Expansion

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In line with the strategic planning and globalization vision of the Nurol Technology Management team, we formed Nurol Technology USA LLC, in the state of Florida, USA on August 22, 2022.

We are excited to carry Nurol Teknoloji's 15 years of industry experience, reach over 60 countries in 5 continents, to the USA, the world's largest and most competitive market in the defense industry. We introduced both our company and our brands, NT Armor and NT Cera, which we created for the US market at Shot Show'23 Las Vegas, one of the most prestigious fairs in the industry. Thanks to our products and the value we offer, we have initiated various collaborations and projects.

With NT Armor www.ntarmor.com we bring to the market a comprehensive range of personal protective products. We introduce our products that have proven themselves in the field of combat for government institutions, law enforcement, military organizations, industry partners and the civilian market, and we aim to deliver our products to end users with the collaborations we have formed.

We present our advanced technical ceramics, which we produce with our own recipes, to the market at NT Cera www.ntcera.com. Along with personnel armor solution ceramics; we support our strategic partners in the armoring of the air, land and sea platforms of the US army. We continue to create sustainable value in the projects we are involved in, with our wide capabilities and experience in field of ceramics.

Furthermore, we continue our efforts to identify the changing needs of the US market and to make our products fully compatible with the market. Especially the increasing threat level in schools, which has especially sad consequences, creates different requirements in the field of chest plates and shields in law enforcement. We are working on alternative solutions in this regard.

We are working on to increase awareness and reliability in the sector by exceeding market expectations with our company's commitment to excellence and highly effective R&D activities.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all colleagues who contributed and added value to our work with devotion since formation of Nurol Technology USA.

I wish all our stakeholders and readers, along with their families, a healthy and good summer season.

Best Regards.

Osman GÖZET/ USA Country Director


Transition to Digital Technologies at Nurol Teknoloji

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In this monthly newsletter, our guest is our new Director of Digital Technologies and Project Management, Ms. Sinem. Hello Ms. Sinem, first of all, welcome to our company. You have been working as Digital Technologies and Project Management Director at Nurol Teknoloji for about 8 months now. Let’s start by asking you about the newly established Digital Product Development department, how and why it started.

Hello. It is a great pleasure for me to be under the umbrella of Nurol Teknoloji and to be a part of such a strong company. The idea of creating a department emerged when I met Mr. Selim in an MBA class, during a seminar given by Mr. Selim, thanks to our the shared motivation to guide Nurol Teknoloji’s digital transformation efforts and to develop new digital products. The goal of contributing to the development of an organization and creating a transformation was the main factor in my transition.

Can you tell us about the goal of the Digital Technologies Department and the strategies it has adopted to achieve this goal?

As the digital technologies unit, our strategy is to create value-added products and services that shall protect our heroes who protect us, with our digital solutions that we have created by taking advantage of the blessings of the digital age, as well as our solutions on ballistic technologies in both domestic and international markets.

Aligned with this strategy, the Digital Technologies Department has two main goals. First of all, the seamless operation, the real time traceability and high efficiency of our two major production facilities are very crucial in order to create a competitive advantage. For this reason, our first step was to launch a Smart Factory, a Digital Twin project. Our Smart Factory project is named JARVIS. At the end of the project, we aim to develop an application that shall provide real time monitoring of our facilities, identify the root cause of our problems earlier, and perform preventive maintenance activities more effectively. We initiated the project development efforts 1 month ago.

Is the Digital Product field aligned with the current strategy and vision of Nurol Teknoloji?

As we are well aware, we are now living in a digital age. At Nurol Teknoloji, we are a company committed to delivering substantial value to our customers. In the realm of ballistic protection, we stand as one of the few esteemed manufacturers of ballistic equipment and advanced technical ceramics, both within Turkey and in the world. The points where digital technologies shall make a positive contribution to this strategy shall be by introducing digital capabilities to our products and finding ways to solve the problems that our customers encounter on the field in a different way.

How do you plan to add value to the company and the defense industry with this initiative?

When we examine the defense industry trends, especially the reports from Mckinsey and Deliotte, it is evident that the most AI, computer vision, edge computing, IOT, robotics and digital transformation issues shall be the focus of all defense industry companies in the upcoming period. These technologies are trending because they facilitate to find solutions to some complex problems. In our digital technologies department, We aim to provide both a development at the point of higher quality and faster delivery with the integration of smart monitoring systems to our production facilities and value-added benefits to our customers' problems with our software and electronic solutions with the integration of digital capabilities to the ballistic protective equipment we provide to the defense industry. At the same time, we aim to contribute to the growth of the sector and to the strong image of Turkey in the field of Defense Industry with the integration of digital capabilities to our strong product portfolio and our unpracticed solutions that are not available in the sector.

Are you currently developing any product that you can talk about?

Indeed, we have several active projects that we have started, especially in collaboration with Universities. We are conducting prototype trials and exchanging ideas with our customers and working on products that they can use in the field that we can integrate onto equipment such as helmets, shields, vehicle panels, etc. It might be insightful to provide detailed information about the 2 active products we are currently working on. With the night vision camera and motion detection sensors we have integrated on the Ballistic Shield, we aim to give our soldiers an advantage, especially in caves, shelters, etc. Secondly, with the impact detection sensors we have integrated on our vehicle panels, we aim to detect whether the panels have been damaged by shots and warn the vehicle user and central units. I can say that both are products that excite us, as we strive to present them to our customers as soon as possible.

Thank you for the information you have provided, and if you have something to say finally, we would like to hear it.

You’re welcome, thank you. Everyone please stay tuned.

Best Regards

Sinem AKYOL / Digital Technologies Director


Our Studies on Personal Armor Solutions Systems

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Following the year 2022, marked by wars, we started this year with an intensive pace. We continue to develop products to meet both domestic and international new project demands. As Personnel Armor solutions under the roof of the Research & Development Center, we test new designs first in the digital environment and then in our Ballistic polygons, in collaboration with the Analysis and Simulation team.

The most important criteria in ballistic products are lightness and mobility. As a result of the Research & Development studies carried out in this context, we have introduced two new products that are required by our security forces by using our new production methods this year.

The first of these products is the NIJ 0108.01 level IV shield, which is made in a smaller scale in order to facilitate cave raids, and the other one is the NIJ 0106.01 III++ level ICW protection chest plate made less than of 1500 gr. Inclined shields are generally made with NIJ0101.08 III level Polyethylene solutions, while level IV
shields, which represent armor-piercing ammunition, are made flat, welded from their ceramic structures. By combining the ballistic ceramics, we produce locally and nationally with our strong design structure, it has become possible to produce shields in an inclined form against armor-piercing ammunition, and the tests have been passed successfully.

Just as in previous years, we will be participating in IDEF 2023 International Defense Industry Fair, one of the largest Defense Industry fairs in the world, and exhibiting our latest products from July 25th to 28th, 2023. We would be pleased to meet with you at this significant fair.

Best Regards.
Burak MERT / Personal Armor Solutions R&D Manager


Our Investments and Maintenance and Repair Works

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We take great pleasure to inform you about the latest technological advancements and future plans of our Maintenance and Repair Unit.

Our unit works to ensure sustainability in production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure uninterrupted efficiency and high quality at every point of our facilities.

In industrial facilities, continuous production, quality and reliability are ensured by a systematic regular maintenance and repair approach. We have entered a period in which we have started to successfully integrate the concept of
“Uninterrupted Maintenance”; into all our processes. In this context, we aim to enhance our energy infrastructure by reducing the number of breakdowns thanks to improvements in maintenance processes, and to provide 24-hour
uninterrupted service with harmonic measurements and predictive analyzes in the process infrastructure.

In this period that the first phase of our investments was completed and put into use; we are pleased to announce that we have gathered the advanced technical ceramic production line in Gölbaşı campus and the platform ballistic
and personnel ballistic protection solutions composite line in Kahramankazan campus under a single roof, and that we have successfully completed and commissioned the infrastructure and installation investments.

With the installation of a nitrogen generator that we have realized in a short time at our Kahramankazan campus, we keep up with and support our production and quality units in terms of making productions at top tier standards.

Our future plans revolve around investing in technology. In line with this goal, our unit closely follows all current developments and works meticulously to integrate these innovations into our facilities. Upholding our commitment
to advanced technology, we keep our machine park up-to-date with the latest automation systems revision. We aim to increase our efficiency and productivity by incorporating the automation and data exchange brought by Industry 4.0 into our maintenance and repair processes.

Our teams, who follow the innovations, are constantly generating innovative solutions to optimize both production and maintenance processes, based on our continuous improvement criteria, using the most up-to-date technological
equipment and methods. The improvement works for our state-of-the-art presses and sinter furnaces keep increasing rapidly.

We are persistently advancing to meet the standards of excellence for our customers. Follow us to share our innovations and developments.

Best regards.
Onur BERDAN / Maintenance and Repair Manager


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