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Mobility and structural protection come hand in hand with tailored containers of Nurol Teknoloji. Fully mobile and strongly protected, command and control containers base (C2 containers) becomes an eye-catching facility for those who seek to find ultimate protection, intelligence infrastructure and mobility at once.

•  Coordinated command centers for any military mission
•  UAV Control Stations
•  Communication-Data Centers
•  Living space for extreme conditions



•  Innovative design and structure
•  Production capability in accordance with CSC standards.
•  Durable to all weather conditions including extreme heat, cold, humidity and etc.
•  Offer protection against over-pressure and CBRN contamination.
•  Protects against 7.62 calibre armor piercing ammunition – the uppermost level defined in EN 1063 standard.
•  Utilizes improved fiber optic infrastructure developed for cybersecurity.
•  Communication and data transmission opportunities and use of office space for end-user.
•  Electrical-Electronic components conforming to EMI/EMC standards.



Nurol Teknoloji designs and manufactures products such as special platform, armored container, semi-trailer, shelters and safety cabinets with its engineering capability and years of experience in ballistic solutions, aligned with customer requirements with cutting-edge technological infrastructure.

Mobile Armored Containers are designed and manufactured to meet the basic and vital needs of the Security Forces staff at the operation and check points.

Weight 23 tonnes / Run-flat tyres


Protection Level Standards:
EN 1522
EN 1063

Protection Against Ammunitions:
7.62x39mm / 7.62x39mm AP
7.62x51mm / 7.62x51mm AP
DM41 and MKE type hand grenades

1 generator, output voltage: 15 kVA
Continuous run time of 8 hours


Different options and equipment to meet the needs of the personnel who will work in the Mobile Armored Trailer for their comfort.
Observation system with integrated drone on the unit (optional)
Observation system with integrated motion sensor (optional)
Thermal and night vision camera system (optional)




Nurol Teknoloji provides ballistic protection against attacks and threats for police stations, military buildings, watch towers and strategically important buildings.

All sub-systems and parts of the products for structural protection are designed, developed and produced within Nurol Teknoloji. Consequently, we can offer our customers fast and cost effective solutions.

Lightweight, portable and easy to install Ballistic protective solutions according to international standards Appropriate internal refurbishment and solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Ballistic protection against any ammunition type and threat level in scope of EN 1063, EN 1522 and MIL-PRF-46103

Design & production capability
for any desired dimension

Protection Level Standards:
EN 1522
EN 1063
FB6/BR6 and FB7/BR7 protection level

Protection Against Ammunitions:
7.62x39mm AP
7.62x51mm AP

Standard Equipment
Metal footed, hydraulic chair
Portable table for staff
Wall fixed telephone system with line
Led Projectors (50 W)
2000 W convector heater;
water and dust proof level: IP24
Inverter type 9000 Btu air conditioner
Ventilating fan; suction nozzle is 200 mm in diameter
Audible & light alarm system; IP54, 120 dB
6 kg fire tube which is effective against A-B-C class fires
Balistic protection gunport on the glass
Standard intercom system
(optionally with camera)
Easy transportation handle interface with a single lug

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