Protecting the protectors at high risk locations

Nurol Teknoloji provides advanced protection solutions including Command Control Containers, UAV Ground Control Stations, Mobile Armored Containers, Armored Security Cabins, and Modular Blockhouses, all designed for secure operations and personnel protection in extreme conditions.
Delivering robust protection and redefining strategic convenience, we merge resilience and advanced technology for unmatched efficiency in military operations.
Command Control Container and Subsystems
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Nurol Teknoloji's Command Control Containers and Subsystems provide the utmost protection and flexibility for military operations. They withstand extreme weather, offer advanced cybersecurity through improved fiber optic infrastructure, and protect against armor-piercing ammunition.
UAV Ground Control Station
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Our UAV Ground Control Stations serve as robust platforms for UAV operations. Equipped with advanced communication and data transmission systems, they provide a secure, all-weather environment for seamless control and data analysis of UAVs, adhering to the military standards.
Mobile Armored Container
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Nurol Teknoloji's Mobile Armored Containers offer high-level security and comfort. Designed to endure harsh conditions and resist armor-piercing ammunition, they also offer functional living space for personnel in extreme environments.
Armored Security Cabins
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Our Armored Security Cabins ensure ultimate protection for personnel in critical missions. They withstand over-pressure and extreme conditions, while meeting ballistic protection standards. Integrated with EMI/EMC-compliant components, these cabins provide both physical security and operational efficiency.
Modular Blockhouses
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Nurol Teknoloji has leveraged its extensive expertise in modular systems and light armors to develop portable, field-installable modular ballistic bunker systems. These systems offer high protection and explosion resistance, making them ideal for remote areas with limited access that require fortification. These innovative systems can be adjusted to form a visor at any desired angle and transformed into a shelter as needed. Combining convenience, adaptability, and robust protection, these modular ballistic bunker systems embody Nurol Teknoloji's commitment to innovative, field-ready solutions.
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