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Nurol Teknoloji delivers advanced protection solutions for land, naval, and air platforms, specializing in lightweight and high-resilience armor panels that increase resistance against various threats while maintaining vehicle performance. Our offerings range from armored solutions for land vehicles to ceramic and composite armor for naval vessels and weight-effective protective solutions for air platforms, all designed for maximum safety and optimal performance.
Engineering innovative, leightweight armor solutions for superior protection on land, sea and sky.
Land Vehicle Protection
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At Nurol Teknoloji, we deliver carefully engineered protection solutions with advanced, lightweight add-on and stand-alone armor panels for a broad spectrum of land vehicles. Our designs are not just effective but meticulously crafted to add minimal weight to the vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and mobility. These high-resilience panels safeguard against projectiles, offer multi-hit capacity, and resist impacts and fragments from specific weapons. They're designed to withstand environmental challenges such as UV lights, chemicals, humidity, vibration, and shock. Flexible and adaptable, our add-on armor panels can be adjusted to meet changing threats across varying mission zones. With extensive experience in manufacturing both shaped and flat add-on armors, we adhere to international standards of protection, providing easy assembly and removal options.
Naval Platform Protection
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Navigating the high seas requires advanced, steadfast protection. Nurol Teknoloji offers superior protection for naval vessels, focusing on key areas such as the control room, captain's bridge, critical cabling, and ammunition storage rooms. Our Ceramic and composite armor solutions are designed in line with rigorous criteria, providing lightweight, high ballistic performance with optimal environmental resilience. These panels are easy to assemble and serve as an effective add-on armor to existing sea platforms, significantly enhancing protection levels. We also offer ultra-lightweight Spall Liner panels to further bolster the defense of these maritime assets.
Air Platform Protection
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When it comes to safeguarding air platforms, Nurol Teknoloji excels in providing weight-effective ballistic protection solutions. Key areas of application include the cockpit zone, pilot seat, engine room, fuel tank area, and other optional areas of the aircraft. Our lightweight add-on armor containing B4C ceramics enhances the existing aircraft's ballistic protection levels and is designed for easy installation while maintaining desired ergonomics. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the protection level development aligns with the body armor steel of the aircraft, offering various advanced assembly options for either Stand Alone armor or Add-On armor concepts.
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