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October 2021

General Manager

After IDEF'21 Defense Industry Exhibition

The fairs in almost all sectors were either canceled or postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has affected all humankind for about 2 years and caused restrictions and closures in many areas. Virtual fairs and bilateral meetings have never taken the place of actual fairs.

Regarding IDEF '21 Exhibition, we were all worried about whether the pandemic would affect the exhibition. It has been a successful fair process for the defense industry of our country, with a morale boosting effect in recent times that some natural disasters have been experienced in addition to the effects of the pandemic, IDEF 2021, which ranks third among the defense industry fairs organized in the world in terms of the number of exhibitors, was a fair where more than 1,200 domestic and foreign companies, especially our Turkish Defense Industry companies, showed up with their new products.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we participated in this crucial international fair for the 6th time. As the first and only manufacturer of advanced technical ballistic ceramics in Turkey and one of the leading manufacturers in the world, we presented many of our innovative armor solutions to the interested parties at the fair. In particular, we had the opportunity to introduce our personnel protective ballistic products and vehicle platforms ballistic solutions to our top-level domestic and foreign decision-making stakeholders.

We were very pleased to receive positive and constructive comments in the productive meetings we held with our stakeholders. In this context, we once again took pride in producing ballistic protective solutions for friendly and allied countries, particularly our country.

The defense industry sector, in which we operate, is the fastest growing sector in the world that technological developments pioneer. We believe that countries that are powerful in this sector have a strategic competitive advantage, since defense industry exports are high-value-added advanced technology exports. This is where Nurol Teknoloji becomes prominent. Being the only company in Turkey and one of the few companies in the world that can design and produce advanced ballistic armor solutions produced with boron carbide, silicon carbide and alumina ceramics enables us to offer completely domestic solutions to the security forces of our country. In this way, we would like to state that we have made a great contribution to the economy of our country.

As the lightest armor solutions supplier and ballistic ceramic manufacturer of the world, we believe that we have demonstrated our goal of becoming a global company in our field to all our industry stakeholders at the IDEF'21 Fair that we participated.

Concluding my article in this bulletin, we would like to especially thank all our state institutions and the fair organization company, who contributed to the organization of IDEF'21 15th International Defense Industry Exhibition, which we think is a very important promotion and marketing channel for the Turkish Defense Industry, that has made great progress in recent years.

Best regards.



As Nurol Teknoloji, we took our place in IDEF 2021, the largest international defense industry fair of Turkey, which was held for the 15th time this year. In these days that we miss to meet directly with all the domestic and foreign needy that we have been away from due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IDEF 2021 has presented us all with a very good opportunity. Herewith, we are proud to present to all our stakeholders our advanced technological products that we have developed and produced in-house in the defense industry, where technology is used extensively,

Boron carbide, silicon carbide and alumina ceramics produced with special processes developed by us, and our hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions with the lightest and highest performance thanks to these ceramics, attracted great interest of the end users of both our country and allied countries. While soft ballistic vests for personnel protection, hard ballistic plates produced for high threat levels in NIJ and VPAM standards, vehicle armor panels and shields including Stanag 4569 Level 4 are under the spotlight, our shield carrier, modular bunker MODKOR and EOD suite products, which we presented to our stakeholders for the first time this year, have drawn great interest.

We would like to thank to our Chief of General Staff, General Yaşar GÜLER, particularly, and to all our Commanders in Chief of Armed Forces, our Ministers, our Presidency within the Presidency of Defense Industry, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Directorate of Security, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command and our Ambassadors, who made us proud by visiting our stand. In addition, we would like to thank all foreign delegations, our suppliers, our business partners, all companies and participants for their visits. We continue to increase our capacity and technology every day with our investments with 100% domestic capital and Research & Development studies, and we are working hard to protect our users against the highest threat levels and to provide more advantages during their duties. We want to include our products in the inventory of those in need in many countries of the world, and to announce name of Turkey to the whole world as a global brand with our national ceramic solutions. We hope to meet you in many IDEF fairs with our new technologies that we develop more and more every day.

Best Regards.

Serpil GÖNENÇ DİNÇER Deputy General Manager


We are working hard to supply the highest quality and most qualified raw materials, auxiliary materials for production, equipment and spare parts in order to produce the highest quality advanced technical armor products with the heavy responsibility that human protection puts on our shoulders. Our purchasing system is based on supplying the best quality material at the most affordable price and at the most appropriate time. In addition to the purchasing cycle, supplier management and development is another main process that we always prioritize and we always strive for better. In addition, with our Research & Development unit, we are constantly researching to supply new materials that will advance our products. It is always among our goals to provide alternative domestic suppliers with appropriate resources and competencies without sacrificing quality.

We are aware of the importance of all our suppliers, especially our critical suppliers, and we regularly monitor their delivery and quality performances in order to continuously improve our suppliers, and we conduct on-site inspections with our Quality department. We work together with many of our suppliers on the basis of solution partnership. Within the scope of AS9100, we have improved all our purchasing processes, documents, forms and procedures and implemented the changes we made.

We can state that we have successfully managed the ongoing pandemic process for our part. But the problems experienced around the world have shown and reminded us once again how important it is to develop and monitor effective supply chain methods. We will continue to analyze our risks, take measures for these risks and develop our suppliers in order to maintain our supply process in a quality, effective and uninterrupted manner under all conditions.

Best Regards.

Dilek DEMİRPurchasing Department Chief


Employees are the heart of the business and employee satisfaction is located at the most important point on the way to the heart of that business. Employee satisfaction survey is a systematically formulated and structured survey with scientific research methods. As Nurol Teknoloji, we always listen to the ideas of our employees, pay attention to them and value their opinions. At this point, we conducted the Employee Satisfaction Survey, in which our employees can objectively evaluate all processes at Nurol Teknoloji, in cooperation with Cruocity, which is an independent research firm that conducts the process in full confidentiality.

It is an important part of the process to analyze the results of the survey, which we put into practice in order to assess the work lives of Nurol Teknoloji employees, measure their satisfaction, willingness and commitment, to identify our strengths and areas of development and to reveal the improvement points that are suitable for the values and culture of the institution. What drives the employee satisfaction will vary depending on the employee in question. In addition to examining factors such as generation, professional preference, location and experience, we carried out detailed analyzes for each result with our employees selected as the spokespersons by their departments in order to understand how to create satisfaction in general. We separately listened our employees about the items that need to be corrected, improved, planned and removed together with the action plans. As Nurol Teknoloji, we focused on determining the action suggestions, responsibles and areas of influence of the results analyzed in the workshop we held after the Employee Satisfaction Survey. In the next step, we will prioritize the appropriate actions within a plan, and we will work on solution projects and implement them. In line with the action plan we will prepare, we aim to make our processes more efficient and, most importantly, to further improve the employee experience.

In this regard, we would like to thank all of our employees, who participated in the survey and workshop and contributed to creating a better working environment for everyone, for their valuable opinions.

Best Regards.

Burcu GÜMÜŞAY HR Assistant Specialist


Nurol Teknoloji Gölbaşı and Ergazi branches of our company operating in the field of Defense Industry, have been certified with the Establishment Permit, the NATIONAL-CONFIDENTIAL Facility Security Clearance and the Production Permit by the Ministry of National Defense and with the NATO-SECRET Facility Security Clearance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NATIONAL-CONFIDENTIAL and NATO-CONFIDENTIAL Facility Security Clearance of our Kahramankazan Branch have been obtained, and the applications for the Establishment Permit and Production Permits have been made and they are still in process. These documents are expected to be obtained by the end of 2021.

In this context, the Facility Security Coordinatorship mainly follows the following operations in all locations;

  • Procedures for National/Nato Facility Security Clearance within the scope of Law no.5202,
  • Procedures for Production Permit within the scope of Law no.5201,
  • Procedures for taking necessary security measures within the scope of Law no.5188,
  • Procedures for the preparation of Emergency Plan and Defense Plan Against Sabotage,
  • Procedures for creating Controlled Room (For Private and Confidential Documents)
  • Procedures for creating Controlled Zone

In addition, it follows the following procedures, which are legal obligations in the context of Facility Security Clearance and Production Permit.

  • Physical security, fire safety, certificate-document and material security, information security, personnel security, courier services and other security-related measures,
  • Procedures for the preparation and implementation of TÖGEK,
  • Procedures for the preparation for Facility Security Clearance interim audit activities,
  • Procedures for KGB (Personal Security Document),
  • Procedures for following up the Judicial Registry Records,
  • Procedures for the destruction of the classified documents,
  • Procedures for the transmission of classified information and documents,
  • Procedures for reporting classified project information to the Ministry of National Defense,/li>
  • Foreign visitor transactions,
  • Procedures for conducting internal audit activities,
  • Procedures for Alarm and Drill operations,
  • Procedures for giving the Arrival-Departure briefings, repeating the security briefing every 6 months,
  • Personal Security Document re-investigation request procedures,
  • Procedures for the preservation of "Confidential", "Private" classified documents and media devices in the Controlled Room,
  • Procedures for coordinating and ensuring the storage of "Restricted" classified documents and media devices in the Controlled Zones and in cabinets with double lock,
  • Procedures for Export and Import Permits issued by the Ministry of National Defense

As Nurol Teknoloji, we have mentioned in detail above; We would like to state that we have fulfilled all the requirements required by our Ministry of Defence and Presidency of Defence Industries institutions, and that we continue our production with the awareness of our responsibility.

Best Regards.

Abdulvahap ALICI Facility Security Coordinator

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