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July 2022

Dear stakeholders,

As we finish the first half of the year 2022, we continue to branding, allocating resources to all kinds of innovations and making investments at the most advanced technological level in our sector. We continue to develop important projects for the identification of new products for the international market as well as for Türkiye and for the preparation of technology road maps, and the implementation of personal ballistic protective products and armor solutions with international high protection levels for land and naval vehicles. We continue to develop projects for the process improvement of the ceramics that we use in our ballistic solutions. While carrying out these projects, we also continue to make new investments to increase our capacity.

In this context; we have delivered and continue to deliver a great number of different ballistic protective needs of our police forces and armed forces. We would like to produce more added value in every field that is needed. We export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. Today, we continue to develop new solutions to protect the needy all over the world against the developing and increasing threats.

Another thing that I would like to point out is; unfortunately, innocent people continue to lose their lives in the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on in our neighboring geography for about five months. In order to reduce these casualties and increase the level of protection of the Ukrainian security forces, we sent a great number of ballistic protective vests and plates to the needy people in the region, and we still continue to send them. We sincerely wish that this troubled process will end as soon as possible and a lasting peace will be achieved.

In this issue, we wish you, dear stakeholders, a pleasant reading, and we continue to participate intensively in domestic and international sector fairs, where we demonstrate our capabilities as a producer of ballistic protective systems and solutions.

One of these fairs was the SEDEC Security and Defense Fair, that we participated in between 28-30 June in Ankara. We would like to thank all our domestic and foreign stakeholders who visited our stand in this important organization, and we look forward to welcoming you to our stand at the ADEX 2022 International Defense Industry Fair, which will be held in our brother country, Azerbaijan, on 6-8 September.

Best regards.



Education is the process of creating desired changes in the behavior of the individual in line with his own life and expectations of the society.

Adult is an individual who has completed his/her mental and physical development in a way that can make his/her own decisions, and takes a responsibility in the society.

As for the word androgogy; it is derived from the Greek roots “andr” (adult) and “agogos” (guidance) and it is the adult education science that guides adult learning.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines adult education as follows;

“Adult education includes the activities and programs organized to meet the learning needs and interests of people who are out of compulsory education age and whose main occupation is no longer going to school, at any stage of their lives.”

In Nurol Teknoloji, we design our training and development activities in line with the principles of adult education, as well. We aim to provide our employees with meaningful jobs and growth opportunities and empower them with a variety of training and development opportunities in order to make a positive impact at work, at home and in society.

For this purpose; to support the professional and technical development of our employees, we provide technical training in various functions with our internal and external resources. By providing the right learning resources at the right time, we aim to help our employees overcome the business challenges they face at work. Apart from trainings, we support the professional and technical development of our employees by participating in events such as symposiums, fairs and workshops.


Furthermore, we design various personal development programs specific to our company with high quality content in order to support the personal development of our employees, align our perception of leadership, and strengthen our ability to lead ourselves and others. Accordingly, our leadership development programs spread over time are available to our employees at various levels.

We encourage our employees to adopt a “learn-it-all” mentality, constantly trying to do our best at what we do every day. For this purpose, one of the events that we organize is “Bookworms”. With this event, we read a carefully selected book with all our employees every two months and then discuss it together.

Noncompensable graduate education leave, graduate education scholarship support, and our mentoring activities are some of our other tools that support the development of our employees.

Learning which is at the heart of our company culture, is a part of everything we do. Learning helps us in what we do today and prepares us for tomorrow. With the "Let it Be You!" internship program, which we carry out as a part of our social responsibility, we support the adult development of our university student friends with on-the-job training and various activities such as "be the cinema, be the book, be the inspiration, be the training" that we have developed specifically for the program, and try to increase employability by providing a competent labor force that keeps up with the trends in the changing world.

We are committed to diversify training and development opportunities and demonstrate the importance of learning in the future, in conjunction with other Human Resources tools, as well.

Best regards.

Kübra YIKILMAZ YANAR Human Resources and Corporate Development Manager




As a defense industry company that produces personnel, vehicle and structural ballistic protection solutions in order to protect our security forces that are fighting to protect our country and nation by laying down their lives and the security forces of friendly and allied countries, we are aware that we have a heavy responsibility to carry out and maintain innovative production.

With this awareness, measures have been taken with a proactive approach from the first day in the COVID-19 Pandemic process, which has affected all humanity for about 2 years and caused restrictions and shut downs in many areas. During this process, TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate was obtained, and a favorable report was received in the Technical Safety and Quality Audit conducted by the independent audit institution TÜV SÜD. As a result of the measures taken and maintained, while many companies around us went to general and/or unit-based shutdowns, the production in our company has never stopped and there was no shutdown.

As the Administrative Affairs unit, processes such as organizing the working environment of the personnel within the HR and Corporate Development Unit, health, service, food, cleaning, travel procedures, determining and approving the expenses of internal affairs, bookkeeping operations, managing the vehicle fleet of the company, and maintenance of these vehicles are operated.


In the management center of Nurol Teknoloji which wakes up with the desire of adding innovation to every day, there are people that we aim to protect and for whom we produce protection solutions.

As the Administrative Affairs Unit, we carry out all the activities in our area of responsibility with the support and guidance of our managers in order to do better with the awareness of quality and the heavy responsibility of protecting people, to keep the spirits of our employees up and their motivation high, who produce the most innovative, most effective, lightest and most reliable solutions against the developing and increasing threats every day. By accepting the current level as the beginning ,we aim to continuously improve the level of opportunities that we offer to our employees according to the conditions of the day. In this context, the opinions and suggestions of our employees at all levels are of great importance to us and are our priority.

As before, we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities in line with the goals of our company by constantly improving our activities in our area of responsibility according to the conditions of the time, focusing on employee satisfaction in a people oriented manner.

Best regards.

Önder KAYA Administrative Affairs Chief




In order to respond to the ever-increasing demand for ceramic armor, we must have a dynamic, controlled, flexible and highly efficient production structure. We act with the awareness that resources are not endless, especially in this period when the world economy is going through difficult times, and we try to create a sustainable production environment with the highest efficiency.

All ceramic types that we produce have unique production methods and parameters. These parameters may vary even for ceramics of the same material but different sizes. The most difficult part of the job is to be able to produce high quality and high efficiency at all times in this challenge.

We know that sustainable quality and efficiency is possible with competent human resources, quality equipment and effective process management. With this awareness

  • We care about the happiness of employees and develop our competencies through continuous training.
  • We have supplied and still supply our new equipment from the world's leading companies, by adding our process experience and designing them in the most appropriate way.
  • We have defined all the parameters that affect-affecting-affected in our processes with the 6M methodology that we have developed. We identify our risks and take our measures. We have minimized waste and non-value-added works by recycling. We will continue to improve in these processes, always aiming for the better.



As part of our continuous improvement activities, we collected data from our furnaces and presses with the help of IoT sensors, detected the malfunctions, and achieved a capacity increase of up to 50% with the improvements we made. Also, thanks to the design improvements we applied on the molds that we use in the presses, we managed to increase the number of products we produce in a unit time up to five times.

After the relocation, which we aim to complete by the end of 2022, our Gölbaşı campus will operate as a ceramic production base. In this context, while all necessary infrastructure works are carried out meticulously, we pay attention to the preparation of settlement plans in accordance with our investment targets.

We will continue to improve for the future.

Best regards.

Murat ALGÜN Ceramic Production Manager



In the developing and globalizing world, the technological developments have been the biggest cause of changes throughout history.

As Nurol Teknoloji, with our motto "Man, Machine, Process" in order to achieve the best in our management understanding, we adopt the principle of working with the most distinguished machinery and equipment in today's world, in our system selections required to reach the best personnel, the best machine and the best process. We are constantly expanding our machine park with the furnaces that we purchase from the leading equipment manufacturers in Europe and Türkiye.

Nurol Technology has decided to restructure in 2021 with the aim of becoming one of the world's leading companies producing ballistic solutions. With this restructuring, it has been decided to invest in the following 4 main items in the production activities carried out in the Gölbaşı and Kahramankazan campuses in Ankara.

  • Combining the advanced technical ceramic production line in a single campus in Gölbaşı and technology investments,
  • Capacity increase in the production of platform ballistic protection solutions and establishment of a new line in Kahramankazan for the modernization of line and technology investments,
  • Capacity increase in the production of personnel ballistic protection solutions and establishment of a new line in Kahramankazan for the modernization of line and technology investments,
  • Establishment of a new laboratory in Kahramankazan for the modernization of the ballistic test laboratory and scope change and technology investments,

Furthermore, we will take our place among the few factories that produce their own energy with the 1 MW roof SPP (Solar Power Plant) project, which will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2022. With the SPP system, we aim to initiate the harmonization process to the Paris climate agreement and the Green Deal, which protect our future generations by contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

As the Maintenance and Repair Unit, we attach particular importance to the competence of our personnel and we constantly support the development of our employees with trainings on topics such as "autonomous maintenance application methods, problem solving techniques, machine and equipment failure analysis, pneumatic, hydraulic". We focus on continuous improvement, we develop and improve.

We are taking firm steps forward to the best levels that can be reached with Industry 4.0 and digital transformations. Non-stop working machines are prone to breakdowns during the production process when least expected. For this reason, the maintenance and repair unit has started its studies on “Machine Learning”, which is a contemporary understanding in maintenance and our machines in our production area are equipped with IP-based smart sensors. By collecting the necessary data with this connection that we provide, we improve our maintenance processes and quality performances with data analysis based on algorithms.

As “Nurol Teknoloji”, we do not forget the commitment of our products to save lives, both through investments and maintenance and repairs, and with this mission, we fulfill all our responsibilities to ensure that our machines produce the highest quality products. Hope to see you in the next bulletin.

Best regards.

Onur İsmail BERDAN Maintenance and Repair Manager

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