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July 2021

General Manager

Dear Stakeholders

We are one step closer to our normal lives, that we all miss, with the successful struggle of whole world against the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, which is a tough test for every sector and ravaging our world. We are looking forward to the positive impact of this on the economies.

We are all living together that it is not correct to expect the exit from the economic collapse caused by the pandemic to be a “U” type or “V” type, as in the previous global economic crises. As the world economy, we are in a “K” type course. While some sectors are growing much faster than before the pandemic, it seems essential for some sectors to “change and transform radically” in order to continue their lives in the current period.

While the 2000s were shaped by the common attitude of the world against terrorism with the 9/11 process, it seems that the 2020s will be shaped by the pandemics we are facing and which does not seem to be the last. As business people and companies, we are in the process of adapting to this new eco-system. I sincerely wish all our stakeholders to achieve more successful works and gains than before as soon as possible.

As we leave the first six months of 2021 behind, in our Research & Development Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology earlier this year; we continue to invest in branding, allocating resources for all kinds of innovations and making investments at the most advanced technological level in our sector. We continue to develop important projects for the identification of new products for the international market as well as for the Turkish market, to prepare technology road maps and to implement armor solutions with internationally high protection levels for land and sea vehicles, personal ballistic products. We intensively continue to develop projects for the process improvement of the ceramics we use in our ballistic solutions, especially silicon carbide and boron carbide.

In the second half of 2021, we continue our deliveries both abroad and domestically.

In this context; we have delivered and continue to deliver a large number of different ballistic protective needs of our police forces and armed forces. We would like to produce more added value in every field that is needed. Apart from this, our exports, which have decreased a little due to Covid-19 in the recent period, continue intensively. We export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. To date, we have continued to develop new materials to protect the needy people all over the world against the developing and increasing threats, and we will continue our efforts in the same way and increase our exports even more.

In this issue, we wish you, our dear stakeholders, a pleasant reading. I would like to remind you that we are waiting for you at our stand 317C in 3rd Hall at IDEF'21 Fair to be held in Istanbul on August 17-20, which we think is an important fair for the Defense Industry sector. I would also like to state that we are excited to be able to directly contact the local and foreign needy people, whom we have been away from due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the only ballistic ceramic manufacturer and solution provider of Turkey.

Best regards.



The Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank, visited Nurol Teknoloji in June. We shared recent improvements we achieved in advanced technical ballistic protection products. Besides, Mr. Varank made detailed examinations in our R&D center, accredited ballistics shooting range and other production areas. They also received information about our ballistic solutions for personnel protection, vehicle platform protection and structural protection, which are produced with domestic and national resources. We would like to thank our esteemed minister and his delegation for their valuable support and visit.


Nurol Teknoloji, with its experience of more than 10 years in the field of Personnel Armor solutions, offers the lightest and most suitable solutions at the requests of our customers. Personnel Armor Solutions Research & Development unit carries out the design, solution studies and qualification processes of Ballistic Chest Plate, Ballistic Vest and Ballistic Hand Shield products in personnel protection solutions according to environmental test requirements.

It carries out solution studies with boron carbide, silicon carbide and alumina ceramics, which are the first and only in Turkey to be produced by our company, and various polyethylene fabrics. We have qualified solutions according to Germany's VPAM standard and Poland's PN-V-87000 standard as well as the globally accepted National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards. In addition, we provide solutions to countries that have established their own standards such as India and Czech Republic. All our qualified solutions are designed by our Research & Development engineers and all know-how of these solutions belongs to Nurol Teknoloji.

In personnel armor solutions, there is no single correct process due to the multi-shot performance, the collapse value called trauma, ballistic speed limit, different temperature resistances and protection requirements alone (Stand Alone) or with Ballistic vest (ICW). For this reason, the most appropriate solution needs to be designed and verified. Almost all of our products are designed according to customer requirements and mass production is made accordingly.

Fully automated, temperature and pressure controlled autoclave ovens, high-tonnage presses and CNC-programmed fabric cutting machines are used in the production of our ceramic and composite layered products. The furnace and press recipes of each product group are an important parameter in reaching the correct solution, and as a result of the studies of Research & Development Engineers, light armor structures with high protection levels are obtained.

In our world, where everything is developing rapidly in all sectors, threats and bullet types are constantly developing, as well. It is one of our top priorities to produce the most innovative, most durable and lightest product solutions for security forces who are faced with new threats even above the current standards.

Best regards,

Burak MERTPersonnal Armor Solutions Research & Development Manager


As of 2016, Kahramankazan factory, one of the three production facilities of Nurol Teknoloji, was established for the design, development and production of armored structural products for the production of armored security cabins and armored visor sets within the scope of creating safe guard and road control points needed by the sector and security personnel.

In our Kahramankazan factory, Nurol Technology has started its design and production activities for the ballistic products in different sizes and at different protection levels for the security forces. Since our establishment in 2008, it has started to use and develop its ballistic solution experience and engineering for structural protection units in our Kahramankazan factory. In this context, 1.751 pieces of security cabinets were delivered to General Directorate of Security, The Gendarmerie Forces and Embassies in Turkey. Additionally, 70 pieces of mobile armored police stations, 16 pieces of armored command and control containers, armored guards and structural units for different points has been carried out and still continues to be carried out.

Since 2008, Nurol Teknoloji actively uses the ballistic solution and advanced technology ceramic production infrastructure and working culture it has developed with a Research & Development focus for new product and technology development activities in Kahramankazan facilities. Modular, armored command and control containers with special fiber optic and communication infrastructure, electromagnetic shielding (EMI/EMC) feature are designed and produced. With the first deliveries in July 2020, it received full marks from the relevant parties in the international NATO exercise held in Romania in June 2021.

In addition to the development and production of armored structural products, it also carries out Research & Development and Production & Development activities in the development of sub-equipment and transport apparatus mechanisms for the modularity of hand shields and light composite-ceramic ballistic armor solutions, which are also its own production. Studies are performed to develop modular Add-On systems with ballistic features that can be increased completely according to the instant needs of the users in order to protect the security forces against many different threats in modular shield systems, road control points and base areas.

In our Kahramankazan factory, activities are carried out to develop transport mechanisms and equipment for composite ballistic solutions produced by Nurol Teknoloji. It continues its business development and new product development activities on the development of transport mechanisms and exoskeleton systems for hand shields, which are used extensively by the security forces. Thanks to these systems, users are able to carry and use systems (shields, ammunition, etc.) that are relatively difficult for a human to carry during operations with the support of a skeleton system that can easily make electronic and autonomous decisions.

Another subject developed and studied in our Kahramankazan factory is the invisibility shield project. Studies are carried out to develop an invisibility shield that can make the equipment placed in front of it invisible from a distance, in order to hide important targets or equipment by controlling the optical illusion and refraction parameters of light. The invisibility shield studies, whose literature studies have been completed, aim to hide and prevent detection of important targets that cannot be seen with the naked eye for the Turkish Security Forces during operations.

The design and production of structural armor solutions, as well as active protection, autonomous and robotic solutions to be required by our security forces, will increasingly continue to take place in the future plans of our Kahramankazan factory.

Best regards,

Burak DELENKahramankazan Factory Manager


Organizations can model and evaluate the quality management method, which covers all their processes, according to some international standards, and in this context, they can also use it as a strategic decision to provide sustainable competitive advantage. Our company holds ISO 9001 certification. Together with all process owners, we have now reached the final stage for the AS9100 certification, which is a special version of this standard for the aerospace and defense industry.

We can collect the activities of the quality department for the field, other than the systemic activities, under 4 main titles: Prevention, Control, Inspection and Prevention of Error Repetition. Our prevention activities include quality plans, analysis of potential defects in products and processes, accuracy of calibration and measuring instruments, supplier development and in-situ checks. In the control phase, there are statistical process control methods, process performance indicators and Gamba meetings held in the field. Our inspection activities are carried out with quality gates, error analysis, error/defect feedback and process inspection. All kinds of internal and external non-compliances are monitored comprehensively via SAP, and we use corrective action and 8D methodology to prevent the recurrence of problems.

Supplier evaluation and development activities, input quality control and process controls in the ceramic, composite and vehicle armoring fields are carried out in order to ensure quality in the process from the procurement stage to the delivery of the products to the customer.

Ceramic production includes powder preparation, cold pressing, sintering and final quality; and the composite field includes solution assembly, autoclave and final quality control gates. The autoclave process, which is one step before the final stage of the products, is verified at different temperature points and homogeneous distribution of the temperature is guaranteed. Different types of control are applied at our quality gates according to the products and processes, these are: 100% sensory control (manually, visually, audio), inspection and control by measuring 100%, compliance control of follow-up forms and systemic data and sensory and/or measurement controls on the product, at certain frequencies and amounts, according to the control plan.

We follow the competency and stability of the production processes by performing SPC in critical production processes. In the final control stage, we perform weight, density, visual and dimensional marking controls according to the product type. We use the SAP/QM module in an integrated and efficient way for our quality planning, quality control and assurance activities.

Best regards.

Ayhan SERÇEÖZQuality Manager


Nurol Teknoloji, which started lean production studies in January 2020 with the philosophy of “Don’t make it difficult - Make it easy”, continues to work on 6S (sorting-organizing-cleaning-standardizing-discipline-Occupational Health and Safety), which is one of the active parts of sustainable lean culture and one of the cornerstones of lean production. The 6S principle, which provides a basis for the creation of a standard work environment, makes the uselessness/extravagance visible and facilitates their elimination, as well as improving the technical empathy skills and self-discipline of the employees, thus positively accelerating Nurol Teknoloji's goal of reaching the Lean Employee.

At Nurol Teknoloji, which cares about the role of continuous improvement in the corporate culture, campuses and lines compete with each other, champion teams are rewarded at the award events organized in monthly 6S audits, and 3 different 6S flags (champion team - sustainable team - champion campus) are hung on the champion lines.

Nurol Teknoloji organizes applied 6S trainings at frequent intervals for the rapid adaptation of especially new employees to the lean production culture and supports all employees to become an active part of this culture.

At Nurol Teknoloji, which advocates that Lean Production studies are not individual but team work, more than thirty 6S audits have been carried out since the beginning of 2020 with more than ninety audit questions and with the participation of all employees. Nonconformities identified as a result of these audits were resolved by taking fast and permanent action. In this context, studies for the goal of sustainable lean culture continue with the excitement of the first day.

Nurol Teknoloji employees implement new ways of doing business with the ideas they present in 6S studies, which gained momentum with the internalization of problem-solving awareness in a short time, and the ideas are valued and included in the rewarding system.

Nurol Teknoloji, which creates a unique lean culture with the common 6S targets determined as S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely), continues to walk in lean steps with its value-creating staff, in every new day that is constantly improved.

Best regards,

Alişan ARASLIContinuous Improvement Leader

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