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January 2022

Dear stakeholders,

The year 2021, that we have completed, has been a year of significant developments for our company as well. We continued to progress, develop and produce as a company, despite all kinds of difficulties, in the process where the effects of the post-Covid-19 pandemic continued and for this reason, the economic problems experienced throughout the world came to the fore. We delivered our ballistic ceramics, which we produced with our own special recipes, and the ballistic solutions we developed with these ceramics, to the needy people in different parts of the world, on time.

In 2022, as in previous years, we will continue to produce our innovative ballistic armor designs with all our strength and resources. This year, as Nurol Teknoloji, we will continue to "Protect the Good" which is our usual goal.

In 2022, we aim to participate in important foreign defense industry fairs to be held with the mitigation of the impact of the pandemic and to present the products we have developed to you, the valuable end users.

In the Nurol Teknoloji Innovation Bulletin, which we started at the beginning of 2021 and presented you every three months, we aimed to share the current developments about our company and our industry. We would like to thank you for reading our previous issues and for your positive feedback and for the support you have given us in this process.

At the end of my article in this issue, we wish that the year 2022 will bring peace, health and comfort to all humanity, and we sincerely celebrate the New Year of all our stakeholders.

Best regards.



Dear stakeholders; first of all, I sincerely wish that the year 2022 would bring health, peace and success to all of us.

We have spent the year 2021 in adapting to an order that pushes us to change, forces us to develop rapid adaptation ability and that is difficult to keep up to date, those who are open to change will be sustainable, both in terms of health, economy and technology;

As the Sales, Marketing and Business Development Department, we set out on our journey by predicting that the irregularity and uncertainties would challenge us with the “Marketing Strategy” we re-formed in the first quarter of 2021, while also clearly defining our risk and precautionary steps. Thus, our strategy has been put into use in line with a structure that targets the challenge, takes the right global steps, keeps stakeholder satisfaction at the top in the ethical framework, and aims to develop a system to protect and expand our existing markets.

At the point we have reached today, as Nurol Technology, we have significantly increased our domestic market volume, product variety and customer portfolio. With the experience we have gained and the awareness of our potential, we strive to keep the process dynamic by adding new challenging updates to our Strategic Goals.


During 2021, we have delivered our personnel and vehicle platforms protection solutions to those in need with top-level products, and we have determined our calendar with 2022 project agreements. We aim to carry these steps, which we consider just a beginning, to advanced levels by making them sustainable in 2022.

In line with our strategic goals, we have signed long-term projects abroad, have taken the position of increasing our Defense Industry exports in NATO countries and allied geographies, and have reached a position that is constantly mentioned in many platforms abroad, especially in Europe.

We maintain our leadership in our Naval Platforms Protection Solutions and increase our goals in protecting our seas with our national armor day by day. We are taking firm steps forward as the preferred domestic and national solution partner in ship projects by offering the lightest solutions with our high technological capability.

In 2022, we will introduce our high value products by bringing together our Vehicle Platforms and Structural Protection Solutions and Advanced Survival Systems with new capabilities. In the light of innovative modular systems and technological developments, we will also carry out positioning and productization studies for our important mechatronics projects. It will be a year that will make a tremendous impact for Nurol Teknoloji in the global sense as well as in the country.

As Turkey's first and only, and one of the few advanced technical ceramics manufacturers in the world, we are proud to develop our innovative armor solutions with the principle of continuous improvement, together with our decision-making stakeholders and to meet the need with the promise of high value, and we are pleased to work with this motivation.

We will start to see the change created by our investments that we put into use in Project, Production and Quality processes. While offering fast, reliable, promising and sustainable solutions to our stakeholders in our products, with the added value we will add to our products, we will introduce the name of Turkey to the whole world as a global brand with Nurol Teknoloji, with our qualified solutions.

Best regards.

Dilem KOÇAKSales and Marketing Manager




As Nurol Teknoloji, Composite Production has a critical role in finalizing both hard and soft ballistic personnel protection products. We produce hard ballistic products in our Gölbaşı factory and soft ballistic products in our Şaşmaz factory. Hard ballistic composite products are composed of cured composite fabric or the combination of cured composite fabrics and ceramics, which are also original production of Nurol Teknoloji.


In soft products, no ballistic ceramics is used, only composite fabrics are used without the need for curing. The general workflow of our composite production consists of computer-aided automatic fabric cutting, combining the appropriate solution in the clean room, curing in high-tech autoclaves under pressure and temperature, and coating the ballistic plate. Products such as polyethylene, aramid and glass fiber are generally used as composite raw materials. In hybrid solutions formed by the combination of ceramic and composite, while the ceramic breaks the ammunition, the composite absorbs the kinetic energy of the broken ammunition and keeps the ammunition.




Composite production at Nurol Teknoloji is like an assembly plant. Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing activities have become everyday business. We implement tools such as 5S, extensive use of suggestion system, Gemba meetings at the beginning of each shift, data analysis, Kaizen studies, line balancing, VSM, Poka-Yoke in our lines.


With 6M studies, which is also our own methodology, we analyze all process steps in terms of human, machine, material, method, quality control and environment to the finest detail. In addition, in order to adapt to the changing technological developments, our infrastructure works for Industry 4.0 have been initiated as well.


We, as Composite Production, are dedicated to produce the highest quality composite behind the best ballistic ceramics of the world. Because we save lives.

Best regards.

Erdal DEMİRComposite Production Manager





As Nurol Teknoloji family, when we look back to 2021, we have successfully handled many projects. We would like to state that we have seen the effects of timely supply of materials while organizing the coordination of all departments with the right planning in demonstrating this success.

In the Covid-19 pandemic process that has been experienced since 2020, by passing through a period where the problems encountered in the logistics of products in the international market have increased, as well as the disruptions in the supply of raw materials in the world, we continued to advance our processes successfully.

Throughout the year, we have ensured to reduce our storage costs by working on how we can use the materials in our stocks. We managed to reduce our packaging costs with the improvements made by identifying our needs in the field of logistics.

We continue to see that the new solutions we found in cooperation with our production department and R&D department increase our efficiency in the ceramic line and provide a competitive advantage. As Nurol Teknoloji, in the second half of 2021, with our sales, we crowned the result of combining the advantages in ceramics with the solutions at various levels of threat.





We are accelerating our investments with the increase of our sales in vehicle armoring projects in Turkey and abroad. We are expecting that in 2022, we will manage our growth with changes from our furnace to be placed in boron carbide line, to our press investments, our new vehicle armoring and composite atelier.

We hope that the global problems we have experienced in the last two years in planning and logistics channels will be minimized in 2022. Herewith, we celebrate the new year of all our valuable stakeholders and wish the new year to bring health, happiness and peace to the whole world.

Best regards.

Serkan TULĞARPlanning and Logistics Manager





As Nurol Teknoloji, while producing life-saving products with human, structure and vehicle ballistic armor solutions, we aim to protect people not only for the sectors it serves, but also for all its other stakeholders and employees. We have established the Lean OHS systematic in Occupational Safety, which is one of the lean production techniques in occupational health and safety processes, by being sensitive to the occupational health and safety measures to be taken in all works to be performed and the rules to be followed. We make all the work we perform safer, healthier and more efficient. We determine the dangers and risks of all activities to be carried out in our workplace on occupational health and safety within the framework of legal regulations, we create risk analyzes, and accordingly, we manage improvement works in a sustainable way.

We improve the occupational health and safety practices that must be taken during production by conducting continuous and regular field inspections in our production areas. Minimizing work accidents and creating a safe and healthy working environment are among our most important goals. In line with these goals, on an annual basis, we compare global key performance indicators such as Accident Severity rate and Accident Frequency rate, which are the biggest outputs of the OHS improvements made in our sites with the leading companies in the same sector in Turkey and in the World, and we continue to work for continuous improvement.

With the awareness that employees will make the greatest contribution to OHS processes, we carefully prepare the training and information processes of our employees. We organize OHS trainings in a continuous and sustainable way, we ensure the permanence of learning and the system by making the trainings enjoyable. We actively support the learning process of all our employees by creating instructions and special information documents, ensuring standardization and performing written activities.

In order to create the competence and awareness of our employees for emergencies that may occur in our workplaces, we constantly organize internal and external trainings about the works and duties to be performed in emergency situations. We organize emergency drills for practical applications and make virtual reality applications using technology.

Considering that occupational health and safety studies can be dynamic and variable, we adapt to technological developments by creating and digitalizing a Near-Miss and Hazard notification system for a sustainable occupational health and safety process. We continue to create added value with all our employees in occupational health and safety processes. As Nurol Teknoloji, we always pay special attention to ensure that our employees and all our stakeholders work in healthy and safe working environments.

At the end of our article, we wish that the year 2022 will bring a safe, peaceful and healthy year for all humanity.

Best regards.

Ayşegül GÖLCÜKOccupational Health and Safety Specialist

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