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January 2021


Dear Stakeholders,

We are going through a rare period in history. The whole world has experienced unpredictable moments with the beginning and end of 2020.

2020 has been a year of crucial developments for our company. Despite all kinds of difficulties, especially Covid-19, we continued to progress as a company. The ballistic ceramics that we produce and our ballistic solutions that are developed with these ceramics have been received and started to be used by tens of thousands of official security personnel from different geographies of the world.

Our goal is to protect the "good" for a world where "the good win". In this period that asymmetric terrorism escalates in the world and in our geography, we offer the lightest ballistic solutions which will provide competitive advantage in the field against the highest threats that the Security Forces of friendly and allied countries may face. In all of our studies, using our own raw materials and recipes, we minimize possible delays in project deliveries by protecting ourselves and our customers from possible disruptions in the supply chain. With this bulletin we aim to meet with you every three months and share developments about our company and our industry. In the first issue, there are news about both technical and our product development issues, and the programs that we have launched in human resources. We believe that you will be interested and wish you a pleasant reading; we are waiting for your messages to the address for detailed information on any subject.

Herewith, in the early days of 2021, we wish this year to bring health, peace and happiness to the world.

Best regards.



Nurol Teknoloji is a Nurol Holding company established in 2008 to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics. Since the day it was established, Nurol Teknoloji has prioritized research and development, and has made significant progress in product development studies even by developing and producing the high temperature sinter furnaces required for production infrastructure. In the past 12 years, it has continued the journey that started with advanced technique ceramics, together with ballistic solutions.

In addition to Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide Ceramic production, Tungsten Carbide ceramics, which are used in the civilian area, take their place among the Nurol Teknoloji ceramic product range. Nurol Teknoloji produces advanced technical ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions that are needed particularly by the Turkish Security Forces and all allied countries in the world, under a single roof in three production facilities located in Ankara.

As the only advanced technical ceramic producer of Turkey, Nurol Teknoloji has made the Turkey among the few countries in the world that can produce Boron Carbide ceramics by in house developed processes.

With its machine park, qualified human resources, quality infrastructure, accredited ballistic laboratories and Research & Development vision; the ballistic solutions that Nurol Teknoloji has specially created for the needs of its customers in the fields of personnel protection, vehicle protection and structural protection are used with full confidence by the security forces both in our country and in various countries of the world.

"With the heavy responsibility of protecting people, we continue our way to do better every day with the top quality awareness and by offering the most innovative, most effective, lightest and most reliable solutions for security forces against the evolving and increasing threats in our world every day.”

Serpil GÖNENÇ DİNÇERDeputy General Manager


As Nurol Teknoloji, with our technologies, we successfully produce 'Ceramic Armor Materials' that can be produced by a limited number of countries in the world. We have very high capacity, especially with our existing infrastructure and unique production methods for boron carbide armor materials. With our expertise and experienced staff, we are able to make production in the most flexible and fastest way to meet the demands of our customers.

Mixtures prepared according to prescriptions completely belonging to Nurol Teknoloji by using powder metallurgy methods following raw material procurement, are shaped in high tonnage presses in sizes and forms suitable for customer requirements. Ceramic shaping can be performed with our existing presses including multi curve geometries up to 45x45 cm in dimension.

Sintering process is performed in vacuum and inert gas atmospheres at temperatures up to 2300 ˚C in our high technology furnaces with our unique sintering method which ensures the size of our production capacity. In this way, Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide ceramic armors with first class mechanical properties are obtained. In addition, we offer a wide range of choices to our customers by producing Aluminum Oxide armor plates in open atmosphere furnaces that can reach up to 1700˚C temperature. Our company continues to increase its capacity and technology day by day with its R&D activities and investments with 100% domestic capital.

In addition to its ceramic production capability that makes a difference in the world, our company is able to meet the needs of its customers under a single roof with its composite armor production capability, as well. In our Autoclave furnaces, we can apply temperature, pressure and vacuum parameters at the same time and we can strongly combine complex shaped ceramics with composite fabrics.

Our focus in the production of armor ceramics is to ensure sustainable product quality. In the ballistics world, product quality is equivalent to human life. All stages of production, from raw materials to the production of goods, are regularly monitored. Production is carried out with technological infrastructure, effective process management, means of lean production and trained staff. Kaizen studies based on lean production systematics are applied with the participation of all employees. Studies are performed to stabilize production with standard work instructions and value stream analysis applied in processes. 5S studies are carried out in order to keep the production area clean and tidy.

Armor ceramics produced by Nurol Teknoloji will continue to add value both to our country and to all nations in the near future where the supply of raw material and the production of products from raw materials will create a bottleneck for all nations.

Emin AKARProduction Director

Murat ALGÜNCeramic Production Manager


Technical ceramics differ from traditional ceramics based on their superior mechanical properties such as hardness, strength and wear-resistance which are a result of high quality pure starting powders and strictly controlled microstructures. Owing to these engineered properties, technical ceramics outperform metals and polymers in many areas. Low density, high hardness and compression strength are their main mechanical properties that makes ceramics like boron carbide, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide as candidates to be used in armor systems. Ceramics, along with the use of ballistic composite fiber materials, can provide light weight high protection level armors.

In armor solutions, different types of ceramics are needed based on the weight, multi-shot and cost requirements. In this regard, various types of (composite) ceramics are sintered based on different production methods such as pressureless and pressure-assisted sintering with solid phase, liquid phase or metal infiltration methods . Producing ceramics having specific optimized microstructures using all the above mentioned methods constitutes a major part of the work done by the ceramic R&D department.

Other in-house and outside founded ongoing projects involve innovative solutions with transparent spinel ceramics, additive manufacturing of technical ceramics and increasing the mechanical properties of ceramics with nano-particles.

Ozan KARALTICeramic R&D Deputy Manager


In Pursuit of Talents… A New Generation Internship Program: "Be You!"

Just as an old friend you know well unexpectedly changes and turns into a completely different person, our world is now quite different than we know it. Its affinity with us has changed at such a pace that we find it difficult to understand. It does not embrace us as we used to, it does not act as we expect it to ...

The comfort of our forgiveness, which we have maintained in the shelter of an unrequited tolerance, has been replaced by mutual understanding and a consistency that we can take as much as we offer. Those of us who can find balance will be the ones who understand it first.

Nations, societies, individuals with thousands of differences from each other are now in pursuit of a common balance and goal in order to harmonize with the world. Together, we are going through a period of adaptation and getting rid of the purulent crusts of our previous habits that will not carry us further. We are trying to understand and integrate with this new communication language of the world.

This effort that continues in our personal lives requires talking about the new in our corporate lives, as well. Especially, our relationship with young people is transforming from the relationship of "selecting institution and selected candidate" to a conjunction that creates mutual benefit and finds a common ground, prioritizing the integrity of "we" rather than "I".

Based on these facts, Nurol Teknoloji has put into practice a unique new generation internship program “Be You” in the field of social enterprise.

Designed for university students to build a sustainable future, Nurol Teknoloji's new generation internship program "Be You!" aims to provide 32 students selected from engineering faculties of universities with 24 different competencies during their six-month internship period. During the program, it is aimed to bring the students together with the best trainers, business people and entrepreneurs in their fields and to provide the inspiration that they need on the way to their future successful careers.

Focusing on providing the intern students who have high academic success and hobbies in history, philosophy, motor sports, guitar, piano, violin, theater-opera, blogging, astrophysics, radio broadcasting, chess, robotics etc. with not only professional skills but also with the competencies that they will need in the digital age, the program bears the privilege of its unique quality.

With this conceptual design and diversity, as the first institutional internship program designed for young people, "Be You" program aims to support expanding the visions of young people in workshops where different fields of art, music and books are brought together, while also aiming to create an important reference in preparing them for our world, which has been reshaped with what we have learned.

During the program, the students; will come together with CEOs and managers to participate in culture and art workshops and carry out creative work. In this context, 24 workshops organized in cooperation with the "Science Virus" social initiative consists of topics such as; The Brand Inside, Meaningful and Flexible Life Design, Design-Oriented Thinking, Intrapreneurship, Chaos Management in the 21st Century, Conscious Awareness, Awaken Your Inner Artist, Capture Your Dream and Come, Innovation and Agile Teams, Algorithmic Thinking and Communication That Changes the World. In cooperation with University & Industry, we believe that we will create a unique value with the “out of the box” awareness of our responsibility towards young people and society.

Human Resources & Corporate Development Deparment

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