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R&D department established within Nurol Teknoloji carries out activities in the field of powder metallurgy for microstructure, prescription preparation, development of new products and their tests. Not only in ballistic ceramics but also in spinel transparent ceramics, nano structures preventing crack progression, graphene doped materials, and smart structures that control the toughness-hardness value of vehicle armor are carried out in our facilities.

In addition to the conferences and workshops held in Turkey, our studies are published and shared in international conferences and scientific journals. Our R&D department, which plays an active role in TUBITAK and SSB projects in our country, performs intensive studies with universities as well as SME companies.


We are innovating protection. Our products are saving lives with high technology. This crucial task needs extreme attention and progress to resist any kind of threat level. We are aware of the fact that every step we take to improve will contribute to families with members who serve their countries.

That’s why, Nurol Teknoloji has variety of testing facilities. We are not trying to fullfill the ballistic standards. We are trying to rise them even further.


We are dedicated to innovation for protection. Because our products serves to save lives. Therefore, each piece we produce carries a great significance.

We design, we research, we develop and we produce. Nurol Teknoloji puts a great emphasis on controlling every step in order to supply the highest protection. To minimize the risks means protecting more people; so we will continue to control, control and then re-control to raise the quality even further for a safer world.


Nurol Teknoloji facilities have several lines that contribute to innovate and produce better products. 7000 Ton press machine is just one of them. From design to manufacturing, each and every single process defines the integrity and dedication.

Innovation may seem to be a technical concept. On our case, it is more than just technics.It is the philosophy behind our presence.


Our product designs are made in line with customer requirements; ballistic protection requirements, multiple firing criteria, environmental conditions and budget targets.

Since ballistic ceramics used in ballistic solutions are produced in our own facilities, the design activities can be done in a very short time and results can be clearly reached by ballistic tests performed in our ballistic test laboratory. Thus, the fastest and most effective solutions are offered to our customers.

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