Hard Ballistic Protective Plates

Nurol Technologies Inc. manufactures personal protection products, developed by combining advanced design and unique production capabilities, within the framework of national capabilities and resources.

Nurol Technologies Inc. production plates are one of the lightest and top class protective ballistic products that can be found in the industry against the most demanding threats when compared to their equivalents in the world.

Technical Specifications

- In our hybrid ballistic armor solutions, our ownproduction boron carbide, silicon carbide and alumina ceramics are used.

- Composites are produced in different options to be used in our hybrid ballistic armor solutions.

- Balistik plakalarımızda uluslararası standartlara göre istenen koruma seviyelerinde çözümler sunulmaktadır.

- Our solutions developed with R&D and Production Development activities are qualified in our accredited ballistic test laboratory and are also verified in international ballistic test laboratories upon request.

- Different models and sizes of plates are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.