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April 2023

Dear stakeholders,

Unfortunately, our country entered the year 2023 with major earthquake disasters. These severe earthquakes had a profound effect on our 10-11 provinces directly, and affected the entire country indirectly. We lost tens of thousands of our citizens. We are very sorry for all of our citizens who lost their lives. In the face of this great disaster, as a nation, we stood together and under the coordination of Nurol Group of Companies, to which we are affiliated, provided the necessary aid to many earthquake victims in the region. We tried to support those in need to some extent, and we continue to our support. After these great disasters, it was really difficult for all of us to adapt to our jobs and daily life. However, as our company, we continued to work and produce in order to fulfill our commitments both within Turkey and abroad.

We continue to develop important projects for the identification of new products for the international market as well as in Turkey, the preparation of technology road maps, the implementation of personal ballistic protective products and armor solutions with high international protection levels for land and sea vehicles. We continue to intensively develop projects aimed at improving the process of the ceramics we use in our ballistic solutions. While carrying out these projects, we also continue to make new investments to increase our capacity.

In this context; we have delivered and continue to deliver a large number of different ballistic protective needs of our police forces and armed forces. We would like to produce more added value in every area that is needed. We export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. Until today, we continue to develop new solutions to protect all those in need around the world against the developing and increasing threats.

As a ballistic protective systems and solutions producer, we continue to participate actively in domestic and international sector fairs, where we demonstrate our capabilities.

Two of them were the IDEX Defense Fair held in the U.A.E last February and March, and the Enforce Tac Defense Exhibitions held in Germany. We participated in the fairs in both countries with our stand. In these important fair organizations, we introduced our ballistic protective products, which received great appreciation from our end users and stakeholders.

In these difficult times, I would like to share some good news with you on behalf of our company;

2023 started as a very notable year for Nurol Teknoloji both globally and domestically. We established our new company with NT Armor brand in USA/Florida. As Nt Armor, we have already started important projects by quickly entering the U.S. market and taken steps worldwide that will leave a mark.

In this issue, I wish you, our esteemed stakeholders, a pleasant reading, and wish you all a speedy recovery to all who have been affected by the recent major earthquake disaster we have experienced. I wish God's mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquakes, and extend our condolences to their relatives.

As I end my article in this issue, I hope that the new year will bring peace, health and serenity to all humanity, and I sincerely wish all our stakeholders a happy new year.

Best regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ / CEO-Board Member




Within the framework of our company's sustainability approach, we embrace open innovation as our corporate culture and collaborate with various stakeholders such as universities, suppliers and companies from different sectors. In addition, we care about the opportunity for young people to express and demonstrate themselves on open innovation platforms, and on this occasion, we would like to support both our company’s development and social development.

For this purpose, we continue to improve day by day with the innovatioNTogether program that we put into practice in the third quarter of the year 2022. Through InnovatioNTogether, which aims to carry out an open innovation study designed to mutually benefit from the innovative, creative and dynamic ideas of our university friends within the framework of the development activities of our company, we come together with university students from various cities of Turkey, regardless of location.

innovatioNTogether; focuses on increasing individual awareness by individuals becoming aware of their own potentials and strengths, development of entrepreneurship skills by discovering opportunities in problems, creating a sustainability awareness by making conscious and effective decisions by building a sustainable future, developing learning skills by researching issues of concern, answering questions and transforming the acquired knowledge into original content. University students in our program have the opportunity to support Nurol Teknoloji remotely.

Our participants in the innovatioNTogether program meet with their project mentors at least once a month. These meetings are conducted online and can be switched to face-to-face working when the circumstances allow. During these meetings that last at least 2 hours, the participants not only have information about the project they are working on, but also about their business life. During their work, participants benefit from basic training such as project management, interview techniques and business life 101 as well as conducting research projects in the fields of education within the scope of the program.

You can follow the developments and new program announcements about the innovatioNTogether program at Vizyoner Genç web site and @nurolteknolojikariyer Instagram accounts!


Best regards..

Hakan KAPLAN HR Specialist

Pınar KUMRU Assistant HR Specialist



After the year 2022, which was very intense, we continue our ceramic production activities at full speed in 2023. Our boron carbide, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide lines are working at full capacity in order to deliver the demands of our customers in the best quality and on time.

With our competent engineer staff and employees, we have successfully carried out production, follow-up and management activities day and night in our facility that makes production 24/7. Since our last bulletin, we have implemented some smart solutions to improve our processes based on the suggestions of our employees. In this way, we produced more efficiently and more ergonomically.

We have increased the awareness of our employees for our country and our company with the various training opportunities provided by our company to our employees at all levels. In addition to production activities, we also carried out intensive moving operations without disrupting our shipping schedule.

With the increase in project diversity, the complexity levels in production lines are also increasing day by day. Manually analyzing and reporting of a large amount of data generated during the day creates a significant workload. For this very reason, the "production execution system" that we will establish with the digitalization studies in the production we have started, will be one of the issues that we will focus on the most, in the current and upcoming periods. In this context, we started to create our detailed process flow maps and negotiate with our equipment manufacturers for the transfer of data.

Our investments continued at full speed in this period, as well. Especially with the inclusion of the investments we made for our pressing and sintering lines into production in the second and third quarters of the year 2023, we will provide new employment opportunities for our nation as well as increasing the capacity.

Finally, unfortunately, we faced an earthquake disaster last February and we lost thousands of our citizens. In the face of this great disaster, we stood together as a nation and delivered our aid to survivors as soon as possible. On this occasion, I wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives and extend my condolences to those remaining.

Best regards..

Murat ALGÜN Ceramic Production Manager



As the impact of Covid-19 gradually diminishing in our lives and we are returning to our life before, we have experienced a period of shock and grief with the earthquake. I hope that we will be able to overcome these challenges by producing and working together in this difficult period for our country.

We are delighted to conclude our contract for Ballistic Protective Vest, which we started delivering in 2020 and will continue to deliver until the end of the first quarter of 2023. During this period, we have made a high number of deliveries including the needs of many institutions from the Security General Directorate to the Gendarmerie General Command, from the undershirt vest to the ballistic protective vest, from the ballistic plate to the ballistic hand shield. I believe that everyone under the umbrella of Nurol Teknoloji should be proud of these as well.

Since the first quarter of 2022, we have achieved many successes in the last year, from the highest export figure to the highest number of vehicle project deliveries, the largest ship project deliveries, and the highest number of tile production. While realizing these, we also experienced the joy of completing them at a period of war and fluctuating global economy and difficulties in obtaining sustainable materials.

In 2023, we will start our journey for the delivery of our new products until 2025, with the start of this process for our new BKY contracts coming into effect. In addition to this, a good news is that we will begin to deliver of our first contract for the supply of Plates to the Land Forces, and we will make deliveries this year as well and then we will move on to a permanent supplier position with a longer-term contract. We also received our highest volume order for the land vehicle armoring platform, which we have been working on for a while. While these developments are taking place in the domestic market, we are expecting for our high-potential projects to be concluded in 2023, in foreign markets as well as in the American and European markets. We will continue to grow and succeed in a period of even more beautiful and fast-paced days ahead.

Wishing everyone a pleasant reading and God's mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disasters in our country, and extend my condolences to their families.

Best regards.

Serkan TULĞAR Planning and Logistics Manager



The marking, recording, reproduction and translation, transfer and disclosure to third parties, transportation, and destruction of classified information, documents, or materials should be carried by taking appropriate security measures in accordance with the level of confidentiality.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to disclose any confidential information regarding the projects. The disclosure of confidential information in defense industry organizations is subject to the permission of the Ministry of National Defense after coordination with the relevant authorities.

In the event that there is a need to transfer the confidential information, documents or materials to third parties or organizations or to transport them domestically or internationally, an approval is obtained from the Defense Industry National Security Authority upon the request of the project manager for this process. When it is necessary to transfer the 'CONFIDENTIAL' information and document to the foreign country industry, the transaction is carried out on a state-to-state basis to be forwarded to the official addressee authority of the receiving country.

The authority and responsibility to classify document as confidential to belong to the authority that issued that document.

The confidentiality level is applied only to the mandatory parts of a project; however, since the confidentiality level of the project is determined by the confidentiality level of the part with the highest level of confidentiality, other persons and organizations that can access all project information are selected from among those who have appropriate security documents for this level of confidentiality.

The confidentiality level of any document is written in the upper and lower left corners of each page, and the same confidentiality level is imprinted with a red stamp in the middle of the top and bottom margins of each page. For any document that classified with a higher confidentiality level than “RESTRICTED” is given a special security number that will be different for each copy to be distributed, and these are marked and recorded as private. For materials, the confidentiality level is marked in red on the material or its packaging in such a way that it is visible and cannot be removed.

Best regards.

Abdulvahap ALICI Facility Security Coordinator

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