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January 2023

Dear stakeholders,

2022, that we just completed, was a year in which significant and unexpected events took place in our world, from the beginning to the end. The tragic war between Russia and Ukraine, which started in our nearby geography in the first months of 2022, unfortunately continues to cause difficult times and losses in the whole region. We primarily hope that this troubled times will end in 2023 and that a lasting peace will be achieved.

In this first bulletin of the new year, I would like to briefly mention what we did in 2022, which was a very successful year for our company.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, as the world's leading ballistic armor systems solver, we did our part with great devotion in the Ukraine-Russia war that has been going on for about a year. In this context, in order to reduce the loss of lives in the region and to increase the level of protection of the Ukrainian security forces, we have sent a large number of ballistic protective vests and plates to the needy in the region, and we still continue to send them.

We exported our ballistic ceramics that we produced with our own special recipes and our personnel ballistic solutions that we developed with these ceramics to countries in different geographies of the world, particularly to European and NATO countries. In 2022, that we made a great contribution to our country's economy, we increased our export rate by 3-4 times compared to previous years.

We delivered ballistic plates, ballistic vests and shields within the scope of the contracted projects of our domestic armed forces and security forces. We continued to protect our precious security forces, in a way that would provide competitive advantage in the battlefields.

We delivered our ADD-ON panels, armor systems with different protection levels, to the significant tracked and wheeled armored vehicle manufacturers of our country. We delivered the lightest and most durable ballistic ceramic composite armor solution applications needed by our country and other friendly countries on air and naval platforms.

We have maintained our organizational structure and corporate functioning to follow the new, information age and to become a global company. In line with these ideals, we established our Nurol Technology USA company in the United States. We would like to state that our primary goal is to become a leading world brand in our field and to ensure a steady growth and development.

As in previous years, in 2023, we will continue to produce our innovative ballistic armor designs with all our power and knowledge in our Kahramankazan and Gölbaşı factories, which have been renewed with new investments. We will keep on "Protecting the good ones" as we promised.

As I end my article in this issue, I hope that the new year will bring peace, health and serenity to all humanity, and I sincerely wish all our stakeholders a happy new year.

Best regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ / CEO-Board Member




When I look back when we left 2022 behind, it has been a productive, efficient year for Nurol Technology and for us, in which the growth curve has always accelerated upwards.

Although its effect seems to be decreasing, the whole world has been under the influence of the Covid pandemic for three years. 2022 was not an easy year for the business world, considering both the pandemic and the conditions in the World including high inflation, the Russia-Ukraine war. For this reason, the management of serious disruptions in the global supply chain and the incessant price increases has been our focus this year. The deteriorated supply and demand balance required us to take many precautions. As Nurol Teknoloji, I can say that we are not affected by supply chain problems thanks to our vertically integrated structure.

Political and security fluctuations in the world have created a huge increase in demand for ballistic protection solutions. We have proven solutions used all over the world in the fields of personnel, platform and structural ballistic protection. Nurol Teknoloji's ability to design and produce advanced ballistic ceramics, ballistic solution design, production and testing capabilities give us great strength, flexibility, agility and confidence to produce customer-specific solutions.

In this context, we have delivered over hundreds of thousands of ballistic vests and plates, mainly NIJ Level 4 Boron Carbide (B4C) multi-shot plates, to our country and to friendly and allied countries, completely based on the technical requirements and preferences of the end users. We have become one of the few suppliers in Ukraine that provides the highest number of ballistic protection products. We have received a lot of feedback and acknowledgments from end-users about our ballistic plates and shields being proven in real operations and saving lives under the toughest conditions. This has been a source of motivation for us to create better, more effective, lighter, more innovative solutions with both pride and sense of responsibility to protect human life and deliver them to the security forces as quickly as possible.

On the platform protection side; we have delivered add-on armors, spallliners for many AIFV, APC, AAV and tactical (8x8/6x6/4x4) vehicles. The total number of land platforms currently in operation in 2022 and armored by Nurol Teknoloji is at the level of several thousands. Our ballistic armor solutions are also used in both the Turkish Navy and some other allied navies operating from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Indian Ocean. We have special ballistic armor solutions that can be used on air platforms and these are currently actively used in some general purpose and attack helicopters.



In the field of structural protection, we delivered armored mobile command and control containers, UAV Control Stations, real-life support modules for deployed forces and security cabins. We developed our new product, MODKOR, entirely in line with the needs and experiences from the field, and made it available for use in forward deployed bases or newly occupied tactical positions of rapidly deployable forces such as commando units.

We have made investments and still continue to make to increase our production capacity in order to properly meet the increasing market needs in the newly shaped world. While we transformed our Gölbaşı factory into an advanced technical ceramics factory, we turned our Kahramankazan factory into an advanced technological production facility that produces ballistic protective armors and structural composites.

We received our AS 9100 Aerospace Industry Quality Management System Certificate.

We have carried out research projects with universities and established a ballistic analysis and simulation infrastructure that is unique in the world. We started the digital transformation at Nurol Teknoloji.

We opened our Nurol Technology USA company in the United States. Together with our initiatives in Europe, we are moving step by step towards becoming a global company.

In line with our goal of stable growth and sustainability, we will continue to work with all our strength in 2023 to reach more users, protect more people and provide solutions in the fastest way with our innovative products and increased capacity that we will offer by further developing in advanced technological materials.

Best Regards.

Serpil GÖNENÇ DİNÇER Commercial Deputy General Manager



Analysis and Simulation Activities

Material Characterization at High Deformation Rates with the Split-Hopkinson (Kolsky) Bar Assembly

Within the scope of SSB Category-C Offset, the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) system will be installed at the Middle East Technical University Metallurgical Materials Department Laboratory by Nurol Teknoloji within 2023 Q2. With this investment, our Analysis and Simulation Unit will gain the following capabilities of the SHPB assembly.

SHPB is an instrument used to measure the mechanical response of materials under high deformation rate conditions. In particular, it is used to describe the material properties of materials such as metals, ceramics, and polymers that show significant changes in their mechanical properties when subjected to high rates of deformation. SHPB system consists of two bars, usually made of high-strength materials such as steel or titanium. While one of the rods remains steady, the other one is accelerated with the help of a pressure tube. The tested material is placed between the sample bars. When the rods collide, a shock wave propagates through the material and is carried to the moving rod. Strains and stresses are measured using strain gauges or a high speed camera. SHPB system provides the opportunity to measure the stress-strain behavior of a material under high deformation rate conditions that are very difficult to replicate with other methods. Importantly, it is frequently used in research and development to help understand the behavior of materials under dynamic loading conditions such as collision, explosion, and other high-energy loading scenarios.

Post Fire Crack Patterns and Simulation in Ceramic Chest Plates

Place and size of the cracks on the ceramic body plate are after a ballistic hit depends on several factors, such as the type and speed of the projectile, the thickness and composition of the ceramic material, and the design and construction of the body plate. In general, cracks on ceramic body plates after ballistic hits become locally concentrated and can spread outward from the point of impact. Cracks may be visible on the surface of the ceramic material or may be hidden within the material. Whether ceramic body plates are effective against ballistic hits depends not only on their ability to prevent crack formation, but also on their ability to absorb the kinetic energy of projectile and prevent it from penetrating into the material. It is essential to discover the crack patterns after ballistic hits in order to understand the protection of plates against multiple fires and to improve their designs.

Computational mechanics models created to achieve this have made significant progress over the past few weeks, and another step has been taken to further improve the already outstanding performance of Nurol Teknoloji chest plates.


Innovation and Intellectual Property at Nurol Teknoloji

In order to increase sustainable innovation management competency, to create and strengthen the innovation infrastructure in our corporation and to achieve our goals, the "Focused İnoSuit Program" within the scope of University - Industry cooperation, which we joined in March 2021, was successfully completed.

Advanced Technical Materials R&D Director, Halim Meço, participated in the Turkey Innovation Week held at Haliç Congress Center on 12-13 December 2022 and received a certificate awarded for the completion of the InoSuit program.

"NUROL TEKNOLOJİ" Brand is Registered in Turkey and Europe

With the aim of becoming a world brand, the activities to register our "Nurol Teknoloji" brand in 29 countries, including Turkey, were started in the last quarter of 2022. This development, which is an important step to increase the reputation of "Nurol Teknoloji" brand of our company in the global market, will also contribute to the TURQUALITY program.

As we conclude this article in which we briefly described the studies of our department, we wish you, our dear readers, a happy new year.

Best regards.

Halim MEÇO Advanced Technical Materials R&D Director

Fatih BAŞARAN R&D Center Chief

Mert ŞİMSEK Analysis and Simulation Leader



In 2022, as Nurol Teknoloji, we completed another intense year in terms of production. We continued to touch and protect the lives of many users that we personally saw and talked to, as well as those we could not see and talk to. Most importantly, we have become the fastest and most reliable ballistic solution integrator and manufacturer by keeping all our promises.

We started to carry out our production activities in our add-on panel production line for land, sea and air vehicles, for which we completed the investment in 2022 and started to use actively after 2022 Q3. We have completed our important vehicle and ship armor panel productions and delivered them to our stakeholders.

Again within the same line, we have completed our production of shields used by very important security units in Europe and the expandable armor panel integrated into the shield, and we have successfully delivered them. We continue with new designs and productions at a great pace. Production activities for personnel protection ballistic solutions, which cover a major part of our production, continued without slowing down. In order to meet the need for security and personnel protection in the current war environment we both continued our productions and completed the production of all of our commitments for our own security forces and soldiers.

We completed our designs and productions for one of the important projects for us, Istanbul Finance Center Armored Security Cabins, which we developed within the scope of structural armoring. The cabins which were specially developed by our structural protection design team, were delivered to users by providing high survivability, high TNT explosion resistance and protection against high caliber armor-piercing and normal core ammunition.

While performing all this, we never broke away from the 6M discipline, we did not forget the principles of occupational safety, we did not give up on developing new processes, production ways, models and methods. We have not stopped trying new materials, adhesives, bonding methods. We tried, tested, verified, and delivered the product, which includes the highest quality process and activity, to those in need. In 2023, we will continue on our way without slowing down, but even faster.


Within the scope of the investment activity in our Kazan Factory, we will be commissioning our new generation personal protection and chest plate production line, which is free from non-value-added works, whose entire production flow and activity is planned. With the participation of this investment in production, Nurol Teknoloji Kazan Factory will have taken another crucial step in becoming the production center for composite and steel ballistic solutions, platform and personnel protection ballistic solutions and structural armor ballistic solutions.

At the end of 2022, we created a production line where the cost of poor quality approached zero, especially in platform armoring projects. We will keep working with the understanding that this production line and our other production lines to be commissioned can operate with a zero error policy and become a sustainable production line.

At this point, we will continue to realize our purpose of existence, which we have determined as protecting human life, with our new facility investments and innovative product activities. We work hard and strive for this. As Nurol Teknoloji employees, especially the entire production team, we continue to do our best to protect the good and for a world dominated by the good.

I hope 2023 will be a year that peace prevails all over the world and innocent people and children do not lose their lives because of wars. I wish you a happy new year with my kindest regards and I hope the year 2023 will bring health and peace to all of us.

Best regards.

Burak DELEN Ballistic Solutions Production Manager



As Nurol Teknoloji, we are aware that the way to reach our goals and improve within the framework of our values and mission is to fulfill the requirements of Quality Management Systems, and we define the systems, policies, standards, processes, procedures and instructions that we have developed and effectively managed in our Quality Management Systems. We act with the advanced quality awareness in all our works in order to be a partner of a world peace where the good wins. In this process, which we started to carry our quality level further, we continue to take firm steps on the path we believe in by obtaining the AS/EN9100 Quality Management System certificate for Aerospace and Defense Industry Organizations as of September 2022. As of December 2022, we have completed the application process and started preparations for the AQAP 2110 NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production standard in order to fulfill the quality requirements in our projects with International NATO Countries.


As the first and only advanced ballistic ceramic manufacturer of Turkey, we work to improve and maintain the quality control processes of all our products. In this context, we have commissioned our quality control points and laboratories, which we have redesigned by adopting the lean quality philosophy. We are working to eliminate the risks and implement the best from the raw material process to the end user life cycle of our products. In line with the basic values brought by our quality certificates, we are customer-oriented and we always aim to improve our performance while complying with laws and regulations, we analyze data by establishing the necessary systems to effectively manage our processes and ensure continuity with necessary statistical studies.

As the quality control department, we wish a happy new year of all our esteemed stakeholders and we hope the new year brings health, happiness and peace to the whole world.

Best regards

Meltem MUHSUROĞLUQuality Control Leader

Talha ÇAVDARQuality Control Leader

Hatice YILDIZ Quality Management Systems Leader


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