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October 2022

Dear Stakeholders,

As the whole world, we are passing through unusual times. First of all, the covid-19 pandemic that started at the end of 2019, which affected all humanity, and the following global economic contraction, and finally, the sad war between Russia and Ukraine, which started at the beginning of this year in our neighboring geography. Unfortunately, all that happened has caused depressing times, troubles and irreversible losses to humanity and it continues to do so.

As Nurol Teknoloji, our duty in is; to create a world where "the good ones win" for humanity, to protect it and to keep all humanity live in peace.

In this period that violence and terrorism continue to increase in the world and especially in our geography, we offer the lightest ballistic solutions to compete and provide superiority in the field against the highest threats that Turkish security forces and the security forces of friendly countries may encounter. We are proud and honored to serve the goal of the ‘national defense industry’ with domestic raw materials and our own recipes in all these works.

We have delivered and continue to deliver a large number of different ballistic protective needs of our police forces and armed forces. We would like to produce more added value in every field that is needed. Apart from that, we export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries on time. By this time, we have continued to develop new materials to protect the needy all over the world against the developing and increasing threats, and we will continue our efforts in the same way and increase our exports even more.

As the world's leading manufacturer of ballistic ceramics and ballistic protective systems, our participation in foreign sector fairs, where we demonstrate our capabilities, continued in the past months.

In this context, we participated in the MSPO Exhibition / Poland in September, which is one of the most important defense fairs in Europe and where Turkey is also the 'Leading Country'. At this exhibition, we have introduced our ballistic protective products that we have successfully produced at the highest quality and that have proven themselves in the battlefields, to the President of Poland Mr. Andrzej Duda and to other senior officials of many foreign countries.

I wish you a pleasant reading in this last issue of the year 2022 and I would like to inform you about our participations in foreign sector exhibitions where we demonstrate our capabilities as the world's leading ballistic ceramics and protective systems manufacturer.

One of these exhibitions is INDO DEFENCE 2022 Defense Fair, which we will participate in Indonesia on 2-5.November.2022. Another is IDEAS 2022 Defense Fair, which we will participate in friendly country Pakistan on 15-18.November.2022. We are waiting for our valuable stakeholders, to our stands in these two important international organizations.

Best regards.

Selim BAYBAŞ / Member of Board-General Manager




Narrowing comfort zone, conditions becoming harder and rapid changes create the greatest opportunities. As Nurol Teknoloji team, we spent the year 2022 successfully by using the opportunities that produced very good results. Our aim is to be adaptive and fast; to be always able to respond to the speed of change and changing needs.

By the last quarter, we are enriching our product range with progressive and innovative products. Our greatest motivation is to keep our products with innovative integration systems at a level to meet the need for protection against the revised international standards, changing threats and technologies and to carry even further with smart systems. In addition to our current investments, we plan our future investments with this motivation and take necessary steps to realize them.

By bringing our customers together with the most suitable solutions for their cyclically diversifying needs for protection; we continue to increase our market penetration and satisfy our customers. Every “satisfied customer feedback” is enough to crown all our efforts.

In the Sales and Operations; we spent the year 2022 concentrating on our deliveries. We continue our shipments with the aim of meeting the need for protection in the region and minimizing the loss of life, due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

We observe the increase in our Vehicle Platforms project deliveries in 2022, with the satisfactory results reflected in our reports, and we are starting different projects with our ever-developing competencies. We would like to share that our export share is also growing with an increasing momentum.


We have realized the deliveries of our Personnel Ballistic Protection tenders at home and abroad, successfully completing all qualifications.

Besides, in our Structural Ballistic Protection group; we continue to deliver high value-added and reputable projects, with the high survivability projects that we have received.

Once again, we have a final quarter ahead with intense product deliveries, we are making all our preparations with a focus and desire to succeed.

At the business development and marketing side, we continue to take our global steps with nice collaborations. Our overseas branding processes continue intensely as we have planned, especially in the last two quarters. We got the results of the international fairs we attended with our target-oriented and proactive team, our domestic/international customer meetings, and our market penetration actions in a very short time and we started our innovative and value adding projects.

In November, we will participate as a team in INDODEFENCE fair to be held in Indonesia and IDEAS fair to be held in Pakistan. We will continue to promote our ballistic solutions, our featured products and capabilities as a ballistic system and platform manufacturer at our stands. In the last quarter, we will be designing our 2023 Strategy plan from an innovative and sustainable perspective with new target markets and new product groups.

Best regards.

Dilem KOÇAK Sales & Marketing Manager




Following the mitigation of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world, the year is coming to an end in which tensions between countries have increased considerably and conflicts have been experienced. Due to the fact that such conflicts have not been experienced for a long time, the deficiencies and needs of the countries in personnel protective equipment have emerged. As Nurol Teknoloji, we have met the demands of new products with different protection requirements from Europe and Asia very quickly, both with our off-the-shelf solutions and with the advantage of producing our own ballistic ceramics using alternative materials in the world.

We continue to make investments in new equipment and new factory campus in order to respond all kinds of demands from our customers faster and with higher quality. By increasing our production capacity, thanks to our investments to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, we will be delivering faster and more effective products to our customers.

As the Personnel Armor solutions Research and Development department, we continue to reduce the weight of our existing products by making process and material improvements, and to expand our product range by making innovative product designs.



Within the scope of the mitigation efforts, the weight of the ballistic breastplate was reduced below 1000 g by using the most innovative ballistic products against the ammunition used with long-barreled weapons called NIJ 0101.06 Level 3.

Within the scope of innovative products;

  • Verifications were made with specially formed chest plate and ballistic vest designs for female law enforcement personnel.
  • In order to increase the mobility in ballistic shields, products that enable entering into narrower areas with ballistic shields can be produced by using add-on panels to increase the level of protection and by folding to reduce the surface area.
  • • Finally, the production of dog protective ballistic vests has started in order to protect K9 dogs, which are the most loyal assistants of our law enforcement officers in operations, against ballistic threats and explosions.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we will be proud to offer you the best and newest products in 2023 with the value that we place on innovation.

Best regards.

Burak MERT Personal Armor Solutions R&D Manager





With the heavy responsibility of protecting human, PROCUREMENT, which is “the most important key actor of the Supply Chain”, puts forth all its efforts for Nurol Teknoloji to produce high quality products and to support Research and Development activities.

Procurement; is working hard to provide the materials needed by the Research and Development activities of the production, which are constantly changing and becoming widespread, with high quality and alternatives, in a short time. These studies; include being in close and continuous communication with the planning and logistics units, which are the other actors of the supply chain. It also covers the improvement of procurement processes. Performance, quality and flexibility are aimed in the studies, and the methods that have proven themselves and standardized in production are included in the process and their certification and inspection are carried out. As an example, we can show AS 9100 standardization processes. AS9100, which is the quality and risk management standard for the aviation industry, includes benefits such as reducing product and service faults, fatal occupational accidents and risks, as well as obtaining commercial licenses. AS 9100 also puts forth a concerted effort to set a single standard across the global aerospace manufacturing and supply chain.





In addition, various performance evaluation activities are carried out in order to increase the competency of the procurement personnel. In these activities, it is observed that people highlight and use their talents and their continuous development is supported.

Furthermore, procurement unit communicates and works closely with the suppliers. In these works, it supports the suppliers to update themselves according to the changing needs and to follow the technological changes. Depending on the diversity of production, it is aimed to extend the portfolio of suppliers and to ensure a near-perfect functioning in the studies for extending the portfolio.

Best regards.

Hacer İZCİ AGANİYAZOV Purchasing Manager






As another year goes by at Nurol Teknoloji, we are experiencing nice developments for occupational safety and the environment together. We combine the rapidly developing technology of the defense industry with innovative occupational safety practices, and always aim for the safest and best for our employees. While protecting people with our products, we also fulfill our duties for the environment in our production processes. We have fulfilled the legal requirements of our 'Zero Waste' project, for which we started working in 2021, and we were entitled to receive the 'Zero Waste' certificates of our Gölbaşı and Şaşmaz Factories. In this context, we have documented our support for "Environmental Sustainability".

We adopt the 10 golden rules in our Occupational Health and Safety activities, and ensure the sustainability of our rules in our campuses, together with all our employees. In this process, we care about the opinions of our employees and continue to create added value. We work with our entire management team to take quick action in order to eliminate risks by digitalizing our near miss notifications.



With applied orientation trainings, we raise awareness of dangers and risks in our newly recruited personnel and introduce them to the Nurol Teknoloji family. By using the philosophy of learning with fun in our trainings, we experience a more fluent and efficient training process and ensure the active participation of our employees in the trainings.

As Nurol Teknoloji, we take every care to ensure that our employees and all our stakeholders work in healthy and safe environments.

SAFETY IS TEAMWORK! We are aware of this and we aim for zero work accident with all our employees.

Best regards.

Ayşegül Serencem GÖLCÜK Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Specialist Engineer

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