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April 2022

Dear stakeholders,

When we are about to win our war with the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has affected the whole world for about two years and caused sad loss of life as well as economic problems. Unfortunately, our world has faced another war in these months.

This term has shown how important the principle of "Peace at home, peace in the world", which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, one of the most important leaders of the world and the founder of our country, said almost a century ago, is for all humanity. I wish that this troublesome period in our neighboring geography will be resolved as soon as possible within the framework of common mind, diplomacy and tolerance.

In the first three months of 2022, we continued to branding, producing innovative solutions and making investments at the most advanced technological level in our sector, as before. We have developed important projects to identify new products for the international market as well as for Turkey, and to implement personal ballistic protective products, armor solutions with high international protection levels for land and sea vehicles.

In this context; we have delivered and continue to deliver a large number of different ballistic protective requirements of our police forces and armed forces. We would like to produce more added value in every field that is needed. Apart from this, we continue to export our ballistic protective products to NATO countries and other friendly countries. As we have done so far, we continue to develop new materials to protect the needy in the world against the developing and ever-increasing threats.

Finally, as of the beginning of 2022, with the end of the restrictions experienced during the Pandemic process, the defense industry abroad fairs, which we attach great importance to the promotion of our company's capabilities, began to be organized intensively. In this context, we participated in the DSA 2022 fair held in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia between March 28th-31th. As the world's leading and Turkey's only ballistic ceramic manufacturer and solution provider, I would like to proudly state on behalf of our company that we have received great appreciation for our ballistic protective products on different platforms.

As I conclude my article in this issue, I wish that peace and tranquility will be permanently established in the whole world as soon as possible and I wish you a pleasant reading.

Best regards.





In the year 2021, simulations of ballistic events started to be created with the "Computational Mechanical Infrastructure" established within the body of Research & Development. We are using digital technologies more effectively and increasing the realism of our models day by day. The last of these models is the simulation of the "Depth of Penetration (DoP)" test, which is used to measure the penetration ability of ammunition. According to the physical test results, we have succeeded at providing 99% accuracy in our simulation test results. With this simulation model, we are one step closer to better understanding the ammunition materials, which are at least as important as the armor materials.

Although models of frequently used munitions have already been created, we aim to increase our simulation capabilities by adding numerical models of different munitions to our digital library in the future, thus reducing the need for testing in the design cycle. Our other goal is to ensure that the final result realism is over 90% by feeding the computational mechanics infrastructure with tests such as DoP testing, which is aimed to be a powerful tool in the optimization of ballistic designs and determining critical parameters.






Apart from ballistic protection, numerical models that allow the simulation of different physical events such as explosion, fluid mechanics, falls and collisions can also be used in areas which are difficult to be tested, such as production processes. At the same time, these models are already guiding the designs against high caliber munitions or explosives that cannot be tested in our laboratory.

In the upcoming periods; in many projects, physical testing will be needed minimally, the requirements will be provided in the simulation environment, and thus the design will be made accordingly. In this way, risks are eliminated and it is aimed to use the resources of Nurol Teknoloji more efficiently.

Best regards.

Fatih BAŞARAN R&D Center Chief

Mert Şimşek Analysis and Simulation Leader




In 2022, we continue to develop, produce and "Protect the Good". Nurol Teknoloji, which carries out all production and product development activities from ballistic raw materials to the final product, within its own facilities and continues to develop its mass production infrastructure and to serve its stakeholders on advanced technical ceramics, personal protection solutions, vehicle protection solutions and platform protection solutions.


We continue our add-on armor panel production, which has increased in 2022, without slowing down. In this context, we invested in a new armor panel production line for our Kazan Factory production lines. With this facility, which we will engage in the second quarter of 2022, we have designed a special production line of 1300 m2 where we can produce armor panels for vehicles, ships, helicopters and similar platforms, where we can only produce add-on armor panels. With this line, we will be able to perform the productions of at least six different projects in controlled solution assembly areas simultaneously, without affecting each other, and we will provide faster and higher quality delivery to different stakeholders at the same time. Certainly, we will welcome you to our facilities as soon as possible.


Another topic we would like to mention in this bulletin is our Modular Visors Project. We made our patent applications and our first delivery at the beginning of 2022 in our Modular Visors Project, whose user launch was completed in the last quarter of 2021. At this point, with our Modkor system, which we designed with the of maximum protection and modularity and minimum weight motto. We have achieved to design and produce a system that can be transported to users at any point by human power, has maximum protection, can increase the armor protection level with add-on panels, and at the same time can protect users from environmental effects other than ballistic threats. We continue to protect and save lives with Modkor panels, the first delivery of which were sent to the area of need.

When we say personal protective vests, soft and hard composite ballistic products within the framework of ballistic products, it would of course be unfair to finish this bulletin without mentioning our personal protection solutions and the products we produce in this context. At this point, we continued to support our domestic and international stakeholders with our high-capacity production speed. With the deliveries, we have made in the first quarter of 2022, we have always shown that we are the most reliable, most durable, fastest and highest quality personnel protection products supplier for users.

At this point, we will continue to realize our purpose of existence, which we have determined as protecting human life, with our new facility investments and innovative product activities. See you in the next bulletin with the hope of a world where peace will prevail all over the world, where innocent people and children do not lose their lives due to wars. Stay healthy.

Best regards.

Burak DELEN Ballistic Solutions Production Manager





International standards are the indicator that organizations build their processes on solid foundations. The 1st Audit of AS9100 Aviation Quality Management System certification, which we have established with firm steps since 2020, has been successfully completed. Quality Roadmap for the year 2022 was created with a sustainable quality understanding by including quality assurance and control practices in all our processes and procedures with this standard.

The effectiveness of quality control gates continues to be increased from the entry of raw material to the delivery of the final product.

In our product realization processes, which are the most reliable and have the highest level of protection, new facilities where we will carry out our quality and control activities are commissioned. In this context, developments in quality control areas continue with new device and system investments.

Ballistic testing capabilities are increased to higher levels in order to offer the fastest and most accurate solution to the customer. Laboratory competencies are increased with modern software and hardware in order to make more solid and reliable measurements with ballistic tests based on research and development.





High-speed camera measurement systems were commissioned. With this method, which will provide important indicators in the processes of developing the best solution and realizing the fastest qualification, Nurol Teknoloji sheds light on the data obtained in research and development-based activities and creates a well-established database for the company's corporate memory and Know-How.

With its increased competence and capabilities, two ballistic test laboratories accredited in TS EN ISO 17025: 2017 IEC standard continue to provide reliable service to both internal and external customers. In addition to all studies, new scopes such as UL 752 are studied, and with these activities, it is aimed to further increase the competence of personnel and ballistic test laboratory. With new investments such as a 20 mm FSP barrel, it will be possible to carry out a higher level verification attempts in product solution research and development tests, and to increase ballistic test laboratory capacities at the same time.

Best regards.

Meltem MUHSUROĞLU Process Quality Leader

Uğur Fırat SOYLUBallistic Test Leader





Nurol Teknoloji, which continues its lean production activities with the philosophy of "Don’t Make It Difficult- Make It Easier", developed its own continuous improvement methodology specific to its production and management on June 2, 2021. The continuous improvement methodology developed by Nurol Teknoloji based on the 6M (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, Mother Nature) principles has covered all the processes of the company and has become the cornerstone of the company culture as the leading method of lean transformation.

With the continuous improvement methodology that it has developed, Nurol Teknoloji; has created the "Continuous Improvement House" for the Sustainable Ecosystem on the basis of "Efficient Employees, Stable Process and Standardization". The Continuous Improvement House, reinforced with the titles of "Time and Cost Management, Sustainable Quality and Highly Motivated Competent Person", has become the most important development element in realizing Nurol Teknoloji’s goal of “Achieving the Lean Employee".

At Nurol Teknoloji, which places teamwork at the center of 6M efforts, productive work is carried out with teams and business forms are created every term in order to stabilize the processes. The most effective continuous improvement methods are selected according to the projects determined in the task boards, where team spirit is at the forefront, and improvement projects are started to be implemented with personnel from different disciplines who create added value.

Nurol Teknoloji, which has accelerated its lean transformation positively with 6M, has established a unique Lean Ecosystem.

Best regards.

Alişan ARASLI Continuous Improvement Leader

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