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April 2021

General Manager

Dear stakeholders,

We spent the first three months of the new year again discussing how Covid-19 and its effects will steer the world economy. Although the start of the vaccination process is promising for all of us, we continue to feel under threat at all times. It is quite clear that Covid-19 has brought a new format for our private life, business life and future plans. We continue to progress and produce with the new aspects of this new format.

In the last three months, we have taken an important step for our Nurol Teknoloji Company. The advanced Research & Development center within our company has been approved by the Ministry of Industry as the 1245th Research & Development center of our country. In this context, we initiated significant projects, especially in the field of advanced ballistic ceramics. In our development journey, we are pursuing new ceramic recipes in order to keep high destructive ammunition with lighter solutions, believing that research and development will provide permanent benefits.

We continue to produce new ideas for the future soldiers in the field of structural armor solutions. At the end of March, we produced our first armored unmanned aerial vehicle command container prototype.

Despite everything, we fulfill our international and domestic commitments without interruption and we continue to pursue the new in order to protect the good, believing wholeheartedly that there is no limit to learning.

A significant development for our industry awaits us in the second quarter of the year. We are all very excited for the IDEF'21 International Defense Industry Fair, which will be held in Istanbul on 25.May.2021. In this crucial organization, we are waiting for all of you, our valuable stakeholders, to our stand No: 317C at Hall 3 and we hope this important fair will bring action to our industry.

Best Regards.



Research & Development activities of Nurol Teknoloji extend back to the establishment of our company in 2008. We have developed our own ceramic recipes and, over the years, our own ballistic solutions, with the fact that research and development is critical and access to information is important especially in certain sectors. Our activities, which started with a focus on product development, have now turned into a Research & Development Center organization consisting of over 27 researchers and technicians, who are experts in their fields, working with an innovation focus.

Nurol Teknoloji Research & Development Center was registered as the 1245th Research & Development Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on 25.01.2021. The activities of Research & Development include issues such as developing advanced technical ceramics with superior features, designing high performance, cost-effective, optimum weight armor solutions based on customer requirements, increasing localization, following the developments in technology, contributing to the production and process improvement studies of our company, developing special products with high added value based on the types in the product range of Nurol Teknoloji, carrying out special product, process and technology development studies by collaborating with universities, technology centers and other private sector organizations, developing domestic technology and 'know-how'. The main purpose of our Research & Development Center is to create value for our country and our company by developing innovative products and to provide competitive advantage with sustainable products and processes.

The widespread and effective use of computational methods and virtual prototyping studies while designing the products and solutions of our company, increasing and expanding the innovation culture within the company and the integration of product life cycle processes into design and research & development activities are the other fundamental issues in the focus of our Research & Development Center and the necessary feasibility studies and collaborations have been initiated within this scope.

Within the organization of the Research & Development Center, a Patent Unit has been established in order to protect the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights (trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design) and to follow the legal procedure, and studies are planned to increase its effectiveness. In this context, we have made applications for 3 Patent and 1 Utility model.

Dynamic project management processes from idea or customer demand to commercial product are carried out at the Research & Development center. From the moment that an idea or demand is formed, the projects are evaluated with relevant departments such as Sales Marketing, Production, Quality, Planning, Supply Chain and a common sense is established and decisions are made by taking the opinions of the departments at different phases throughout the design development process. All relevant departments are included in our innovation processes and follow these processes. Providing sustainability by creating corporate memory within the scope of project management processes is among the critical works that we carry out. Under the roof of our Research & Development Center, with the priority of innovation, sustainability and branding, our studies will increasingly continue for our country and the whole world.


Dr.Halim MEÇOResearch & Development Center Director

Maksude CERİTResearch & Development Center Manager


Nurol Teknoloji has the ability to examine and test the raw materials (ballistic fabrics, powders used in sintering, etc.), ceramic products, composite products and many ballistic panels that it has supplied in its laboratories with its high-tech quality control equipment and hardware, without relying on outside sources.

Our laboratories are;


  • Ankara/Gölbaşı Factory Ballistic Test Laboratory
  • Ankara/Şaşmaz Factory Ballistic Test Laboratory
  • Ankara/Gölbaşı Entrance Quality and Material Analysis Laboratory
  • Ankara/Gölbaşı Ceramic Measurement Laboratory
  • Ankara/Gölbaşı Front Entrance Quality Laboratory


There are ballistic test laboratories in Şaşmaz and Gölbaşı branches of our company. In these laboratories; experiments and tests are carried out for ballistic protective glass and frames, ballistic protective material for vehicles and persons, plates and vests; under shirt vests, composite ballistic panels, logistics and light armors. The experiments conducted in our ballistic laboratory are grouped under three titles: Ballistic protection level test, performance test of composite ballistic panels and shrapnel test (V50). Under these titles, our Şaşmaz ballistic laboratory was accredited by Türkak within the scope of 6 test methods, while our Gölbaşı ballistic laboratory was accredited within the scope of 8 test methods and our laboratories have been qualified and certified in terms of testing and calibration in the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Thanks to the accreditation, the international recognition and reliability of our test laboratories has increased; and due to the consistency and traceability of the laboratories, the benefit offered to our customers has become indisputable. By means of fast and reliable test results, our design verification activities are concluded immediately, and our Research & Development activities can offer more innovative solutions. Test accuracy is ensured by performing Laboratory Comparison (LAK) tests with internationally recognized and accredited laboratories in barrel type details in accordance with the requirements of the accreditation certificate.

The accreditation scopes of our Şaşmaz laboratory are as follows:

NIJ0101.04: 2001 Ballistic Resistance of Personal Soft Body Armor
NIJ0101.06: 2008 Ballistic Resistance of Personal Soft Body Armor
STANAG 2920 Protection Levels (Shrapnel protection)
TS EN 1063 Safety glasses - Used in buildings - Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack
TS EN 1522 Protective vehicle armors (bullet resistance of windows, doors, blinds and shutters)
NIJ 0115.00 Stab resistance of personal body armor against sharp and penetrating objects

Among the experiments in our Şaşmaz laboratory, all other methods, except for NIJ 0115.00 Stabbing resistance, are also performed in our Gölbaşı laboratory in the same way; in addition to these, the following test methods are also applied:

NIJ0108.01 Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials
STANAG 4569 Logistics and Protection Levels for Light Armored Vehicle Passengers
MIL-PRF 46103E Performance characteristics (Armor, Light, Composite)

Best Regards.

Mustafa TAŞQuality Director


In order to improve the platform armor development activities in a more coordinated manner within our company, these studies have been gathered under the roof of a separate department within the Research & Development center. In this context, with the aim of meeting the needs of our platform armor projects, which have been increasing in number recently, it has been focused on the formation of competent staff within the Research & Development center and the development of the competencies of the existing human resources.

The fact that platforms have a wide range of ballistic protection requirements due to their operation in land, sea and air necessitates a separate ceramic, composite, process, solution combination design and thus development activity specific to the product within the scope of requirement for each solution. By using the existing know-how of the company, it is aimed to take the armor design process to a higher level, which ranges from the development of ceramic powder recipe to the selection of optimum geometry, from determining the most suitable layer structure to the finalization and verification of the packaging design with ballistic efficiency by testing.

In addition, by co-designing with the platform manufacturers from the very beginning of the development process, the design of optimum end products, which comply with the main requirements such as weight, performance and manufacturability, has been guided. For this purpose, since the ceramic hybrid composite "add-on" armor structures contain structural weak areas (SWA) due to their on-platform geometry, assembly and junction points, increasing the total ballistic protection area with co-design is studied as a separate area of expertise, and this expertise takes place among our competence sets. Platform ballistic protection panels are designed, validated and commissioned based on very specific requirements, either individually (stand-alone) or with platform component (add-on + ICW).

At this point, in the short-medium term, it is planned to utilize computer-aided engineering tools of our company (terminal ballistic analysis and simulation software) which are determined as another development area. Our goal is to develop and verify armor systems at all protection levels defined in international standards for platforms and to include in our solution portfolio and become the number one solution partner of all platform manufacturers in our country.

Our studies continue with the goal of becoming a supplier also preferred abroad with innovative designs steering technology.

Dr.Halim MEÇOResearch & Development Center Director


Kaizen philosophy, which is defined as improving and standardizing existing procedures and processes in Nurol Teknoloji, constantly developing the standards and supporting the developed standards with every new learning experience, has become an active part of the company culture since January 2020. Nurol Teknoloji, which aims to have lean employees in 2022, organizes Kaizen and Problem Solving Trainings at frequent intervals for the rapid adaptation of new employees to the lean production culture, and all employees are made a part of the lean transformation.

In Kaizen studies, which accelerated with the internalization of problem solving awareness in a short time, the employees of Nurol Teknoloji implement new ways of transacting business with the ideas they offer, and these ideas are appreciated and included in the reward system.Nurol Teknoloji, which continues its Kaizen studies with Do Not Make It Difficult-Make It Easy! Philosophy, has embraced that there will be problems in every field of production and the first step for continuous improvement is to accept the problems and make them visible.

In addition to following and putting into use continuously developing technology and production methods; Nurol Teknoloji Kaizen Teams; identify the works and sources of waste at the factory sites which do not create added value, eliminate them with fast and standard Kaizens, and provide increased efficiency and motivation.

Asserting that Kaizen is not an individual but a team work, Nurol Teknoloji has completed more than a hundred Kaizen projects until today with the participation of dozens of employees from various departments, and has succeeded in transforming individual added value into company added value.

Defending the sustainability of disciplined lean production studies, Nurol Teknoloji simplifies the processes and manages the variability faster by solving the problems detected in its fields and in the processes of its stakeholders with Kaizen Teams day by day.

Nurol Teknoloji, which creates a unique lean culture and value in its lean production works, continues to move towards its goal of reaching the Lean Employee with its determined processes and value-creating personnel.

Best Regards.

Alişan ARASLIContinuous Improvement Engineer

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