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The SİPER® personal protection product family that Nurol Technologies has developed by combining its developed and unique production abilities is entirely produced within a national cability and ability framework.When compared with its world-wide equivalents, one can see the SİPER® is the lightest and highest technology product family against the most complex threats in the sector.

New generation materials and solutions developed in Nurol Technology loboratories within a specific program render many armor solutions more safer, long-life and higher than ever possible before.

All SİPER® solutions that are developed have been repeatedly tasted and certified in internationally approved laboratories.

Ballistic Protective Vest

At Nurol Technology provides solutions towards all levels specified in NIJ Standarts for ballistic protective vests.The vests can be produced in accordance with any customer request and can also be designed according its intended use upon desire. SİPER® solution ‘tactical vests’, which prioritise mobility, can be presented in weights beginning from 4.5kg in accordance to NIJ Level IV.However the SİPER® solution ‘fully equipped protective vests’ are approximately 5kg for the NIJ Level  III and when NIJ Level IV is desired, the approximate weight as around 8kg. These fully equipped solutions include accessory protections for the neck and shoulders.

SİPER®-G Body Plates

Siper-G-P01: Siper-G-P10: Siper-G-P20:
Model Name Siper-G-P01
Weight 1.4 kg
Material UHMWPE
Model Name Siper-G-P10
Weight < 1.8 kg
NIJ Level III+
Material Ceramic-Composite
Model Name Siper-G-P10
Weight <3.2 kg
NIJ Level IV
Material Ceramic-Composite

Siper-G-P30: Siper-G-P40:

Model Name Siper-G-P30
Weight < 2.7 kg
NIJ Level IV
Material Ceramic-Composite
Model Name Siper-G-P40
Weight <2.45 kg
NIJ Level IV
Material HIF-CC-Composite


AWe use materials like aramid, high density polyethylene, carbon fibre, S2 and E-Glas in our solutions. The ballistic performance of these materials increase by %30 when they are combined with Nurol Technologies ‘s special solutions.