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Nurol Technologies provides advanced ballistic personal vests for the defense industry, and advanced ballistic armor solutions for land vehicles, air vehicles, naval vessels and structural protections with its ‘Nato Confidential’ and ‘National Confidential’ Confidentiality Level Facility Security Certificate and Production Permit certificate. Our company produces the raw material used for advanced ballistic armor solutions entirely domestically.

Advanced Ballistic Armor Solutions

Nurol Technologies provides the best solutions in armored vehicles applications and in producing advanced ceramic plates that are durable against any threat, in accordance with international standarts, light and ergonomic with its precise and developed production techniques.
It has the capacity of producing its high quality products with high purity contents and controllable microstructure at high tolerances in its production facilities.

New Generation Ceramic Armor Plates

Nurol Technologies
can manufacture high quality and light armor plates in various thicknesses  and dimensions and with different materials.

Alumina Ballistic Armor Plates
Nurol Technology
produces high-density alumina ballistic armor plates with the continuous sintering method.The alumina ballistic armor plates are manufactured in dimensions up to 50x50cm and in different geometries.This material, which can be designed accoding to any desired threat level, competes with steel armor materials, as its economic.

Silicon Carbide Armor Plates
Nurol Technology
produces silicon carbide ballistic armor plates that have high harness that provides high heat resistance with the hot pressing and pressureless sintering.The silicon carbide armor plates are manufactured in dimensions up to 35x35cm and in different geometries.

Boron Carbide Armor Plates
Nurol Technology
produces boron carbide armor plates that are known to have the highest hardness after diamond and CBN , and have perfect resistance against chemical and mechanical corrosion, with the hot pressing method.These plates have perfect force/weight ratio and high heat resistance that it ensures with its low density .Boron carbide armor plates are prferred for tactical vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts, light armored vehicles and especially for personal protective vests where lightness ad mobility is important.Boron carbide plates are manufactured in dimensions up to 35x35cm and in different geometries.