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Nurol Technologies Inc., with its creation and vision, is always fully aware of the importance of the developments on materials technologies as a leader in Turkey. Our fully equipped, modern scientific and industrial laboratory division with highly qualified and experienced engineers and professionals are studying on developments in nanotechnology, modern industrial processes, research & developments on new materials.

Nurol Technologies Inc., with it’s most modern, fully automated, flexible and varied production lines which is located in Ankara Turkey, is providing genuine solutions and alternatives to the needs of industries such as defense, aviation, energy, healthcare, automotive, textile, metallurgy and chemistry with a policy of customer-focused management. Therefore, Nurol Technologies Inc. working on solutions not only for local but also for global requirements such as energy and environment.

With its experienced staff who deeply believes in innovation and systematic approaches, in following years Nurol Technologies Inc. is aiming to become the most reputable and permanently developing trade mark in Turkey as well as in the world.

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Nurol Group of Companies has always been proud of the quality of social and economic values it has created through its half a century of business experience, its services in 5 different sectors ranging from trade to defense, from construction to machinery and manufacturing, from tourism to finance, its participations and affiliated companies, and over 20,000 native and foreign employees.

Nurol Construction with its over USD300 millions worth machines park, and field of activities expanding into three continents covering the Russian Federation and the Turkic Republics; from the Gulf countries to Northern Africa, and from Georgia to Bulgaria enjoys the status of being a world company.

FNSS, as the first private sector defense industry entity has an export potential nearing one billion dollars.

Nurol Machinery has been manufacturing high quality products made by its most up-to-date manufacturing technology in the fields of defense and security for over 30 years.

Nurol Steel with its 12,000 tons of production capacity takes its righful place among the leading Turkish companies in the sector.

Nurol Technology focuses on nanotechnology and its applications at its fully automated modern manufacturing facilities in order to cater to the needs of defense industry, aviation, energy, medicine, automotive products, textile, metallurgy and chemicals.

Nurol Club Salima Resort Village continues to offer a warm atmosphere with its 1100 bed capacity in Antalya Kemer to its guests coming from all around the world.






Nurol Technologies provides advanced ballistic personal vests for the defense industry, and advanced ballistic armor solutions for land vehicles, air vehicles, naval vessels and structural protections with its ‘Nato Confidential’ and...

Nurol Technologies Inc. can offer varied successful solutions to meet the needs of various customers on behalf of projects in different areas. In this context, our company can perform the desired protection solutions in any levels of threat for...


News from US

Minister of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Senegal Nurol Technology A.Ş visits.

Minister of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Senegal Mr.Augustin TINE and his accompanying delegation of military and civilian persons have visited Nurol Technologies Inc. on 21.12.2012.
They have informed from our experts about our company and the products that we are manufacturing the advanced ballistic armors on the production lines.

Nurol Technologies Inc. has won the tenders of The Ballistic Protective Shields and Ballistic Shield Sets of General Directorate of Police.

Nurol Technologies Inc. has won the tenders  of The Ballistic Protective Shields  and Ballistic Shield Sets  of General Directorate of Police.

Turkish Republic Ministry of National Defence Mr.İsmet YILMAZ has visited Nurol Technologies Inc.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of  National Defence Mr.İsmet YILMAZ has visited Nurol Technologies Inc. with his delegation in 22.12.2011. Mr.Yılmaz has been informed by us about our production lines and capabilities in Nurol Technologies Inc.

Nurol Technologies Inc. was at the IDEF 2011 Istanbul

We were at the  IDEF 2011 İSTANBUL, 10th International Defence Fair 3.HALL  328/B.

Nurol Technologies Inc. was at the IDEX'11 in Abu Dhabi in February 2011

Nurol Technologies Inc. has established a products stand at IDEX'11 in 20-24.02.2011, in Abu Dhabi ( UAE ).